fear factor.

the new season (i hate the show personally but i found this amusing) is going to go to the psycho house (as in the movie) hasnt that been torn down for like 10 years now!?!?!?

anyone a classic junkie also?

i love the classics even if they suck i still want them. i just bought "i spit on your grave" unedited which was ok.. and "the last house on the left" which was ok.. they both were known for being banned and scaring the shit outta everyone. too bad it was in the 70s! because nowadays the rape scenes and killing scenes are so boring compared. but i still love em.. i love the old psycho's too

More B Horror

As I was lookling on Deep Discount DVD today, looking for some DVD's to order on November 1st when i get paid, look what I came across?
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Day of the Triffids!
It comes out on November 25, 2005.
It's an old B Horror movie I had on VHS tape, and I've been wanting it to come out on DVD. I was just saying the other day, when I bought Night of the Lepus, that I wished they had it on DVD...and I found it today!
Here's what it is about:
A meteor shower disrupts the earth's ecosystem, blinds all who observed it and awakens meat-eating plants. As the hungry foliage grow ever faster, a sighted sailor and an alcoholic scientist help save humanity from becoming plant food. Script originally credited to Phillip Yordan, who acted as a blacklist-era.
It was based on a book called Day of the Triffids, by John Wyndham. Simon Clark also wrote a sequel book, called night of the Triffids.

B Horror

I LOVE B Horror movies, and I just got done watching the 1970's B Horror movie flick Night of the Lepus. I'm starting to celebrate Halloween early this year, as I don't have any parties to go to, or anyone to hang out with. I plan on dressing up as a "rock star," putting my hair in a faux hauk, and handing out candy to the apartment kids of October 31st :)

Here's a link to Night of the Lepus at IMDB
Night Of The Lepus
And here is a photo of the cover
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And some trivia for you: This movie was briefly shown in The Matrix, when Neo first walked into the Oracle's apartment...


So yeah, I'm trying to figure out the name of this film cause holy shit does it sound good.

My friend was describing it to me, and it sounds awsome.

So basically a guy and his wife move into this house, and one night while sleeping, theres a knock on their door. The guy gets up, and see's a tape sitting out on their front porch. Confused, he puits it on only to see the tape is footage of the outside of their house being filmed. The next night, same thing happens. Knock, Tape, Footage of the house. The following night after, a thrid time there is a knock, and the mane gets up, gets to the door, see's another tape. This time he puts it in, and it's now footage of him and his wife sleeping.

even typing that gave me chills.

Anyonew have any clue on what this is???
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Hey, I'm new here (don't you just love it when people state the obvious?) My name's Kristy, I'm almost 18 and I live in Darwin, Australia. I love horrors (esp. slashers) and psychological thrillers. Ok, I've got a favour to ask. When I was young I watched a horror movie and I don't remember the title or any of the actors. What I do remember is a vague outline of the plot: young couple (blond woman, dark haired guy) move into a new house, renovate-> strip the walls, green moss starts spreading up the wall in the shape of a man, the woman scratches it and it bleeds. The house is possessed by the son of the previous owner (who i think killed him and left him in the basement). Anyway, the new male owner begins to go crazy or get possessed by the ghost. Sorry it's so vague, it was a long time ago. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this ;) Also, I just watched Shallow Grave (Ewan Mcgregor), I liked it, just wanted to get others views.
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