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Unofficial SLG community

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This is an unofficial Slave Labor Graphics community. As far as I know, it's the first one on GJ as well. There's lots of communities dedicated to some of SLG's creators, but none as a whole, so here we are. You can talk about anything as long as it's related to SLG, its creators, products, anything.
You can also post graphics (icons, colorbars, friends banners, layouts, etc.), fanfics, stories, questions, rants, news, whatever, I don't care as long as it's SLG related.

1. Advertising is allowed as long as it's not something completely unrelated with the theme. IE: cartoon/comic/art (body mods included)/self expression communities are allowed. If it doesn't fit under there, don't advertise it here.
2. Have fun, I don't want a ton of overly depressed, dark people. If you are having depression problems, that's alright, we've all been there, but don't dwell or focus everything on it.
3. Don't be a dumb fuck. IE: hopefully you're intelligent enough not to type like a 10 year old hyped up on heroin and speed ("omg!! dId U sEe dat TOtLLy hawt dUDe loLZ!!111"). A certain amount of intelligence would be appreciated...
4. No flaming other members for opinions. They're exactly that, opinions, if you don't like them, and can't keep it civilised, keep your fingers off the keyboard.
5. I don't care a whole lot about inactivity, but if you're inactive for more than 30 days, you're out. But, I'll make a post saying how many days you have left until I toss you out.
6. For slashes, if it's going to get a bit explicit or confusing, try and keep it behind a cut, and explain which characters are from which comic, mmk? Same goes for RPG and fanfics.
7. Introduce yourself to us, so we can get a feel for who you are. This is not a rating community, so don't feel that you have to impress us, because you don't. I've already coded the introduction for you, so just copy and paste it into a post, and fill it out.
8. For the consideration of people's friends pages, keep long entries under an LJ cut. If you don't know how, it's <lj-cut text="stick something here">stick your post here</lj-cit>. Got it?