SR art for sale

I hate to do this, but due to some financial issues I gotta sell some Serenity Rose art. So instead of going thru ebay and all that crap... ewwwww no thanks... I figured I'd try and ask if any one here would like to buy them.
I have the two pages from the "free comic book day" storyline. Both are is great condition, only taken out of the envelope they came in once.

you could email me at if your interested.

And if by anyway this post is inappropriate, I'm sorry.

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Skeleton for Dork (published by Slave Labor) has been added to GCD

GCD is a volunteer-edited project that includes
a) who did what (writing, art, etc)
b) details such as character appearances
c) (shrunk down) scans of front-covers for identification purposes
[and they sure liven up a webpage]

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i just finished the Squee series. Hilarious! I also read the first issue of Haunted Mansion. It was ok. I like Dirge's part. Now, I have nothing left to read. Can anyone recommend something? I've heard Bear is pretty good. Comments?
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i am old!

i was reading some of the posts everyone interested in slg here 20 and under? if i creep anyone out, please let me know.
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