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I would like to thank Corin for actually keeping this shiz alive. So uh, keep on promoting.. and keep this alive! It is a LIVEjournal community. Not a dead one. Hmm.

Pop can theme is over. Thanks to everyone who participated. KEEP IT UP!

New theme::
Post the most random story you can think of, and make us laugh.

1 xxx must be in an lj cut
2 xxx nothin distgusting
3 xxx lj cut must be labled with something completely unrelated to the story


woah, 2nd entry in like 2 hours hahha i'm exctremely bored.. but ..

 i wrote a new poem like 10 minutes ago check it out comment if you like *comments make me happy :-)*

click this shiz-nit!

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dood's!! i just got back from band pratice *new band* and i'm super excited
i'm playing keyboard, might do some singing... and its gunna be sweet but
i came home.. thinking there would be sweet stuff to comment on in here.. and nope, nothing... we need to stay active :-) i'm too bored! haha

funny story
i was walking to the busses with my friend, and ADD came of me and i got sidetracked. so she kept walking, thought i was still next to her, started telling like a 5 minute story turns and see's i'm not there! haha so she was talking to NO ONE! and then.. she started lauhgin cuz she was talking to NO ONE and i almost pee'd myself it was so funny

well that story rocked my sock drawer so i thought i would share it hehe
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