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Hey guys. . .if anyone still even reads this stuff. *we kinda went down hill :-( this is a bummer. . *

well i wrote a new Poem
its in my lj

i just thought i would share that
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i'm so confused. . .

i'm so confused. . .why do boys *no offense* have to be soooooooooooooo confusing!? actually, i'm confusing too so i really shouldn't be saying anything but i just errr dont know what to do. :-/

this was said last year. . .and its soo totally right
"Boys are confusing, but girls are just INSANE!" -Mr.Maxfield. . . he was such a fun teacher, and he is so right.


well . . . i cant wait for monday
or tomarrow :-)
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wow i feel like suuch a dork! i was reading my "random story" entry and figured out how much of a loser i was when i started crying b cuz i miss it! i mean its related to school, and i'm crying because i miss it! ahh! how weird!

i wrote 2 new poems today.. and posted them in my livejournal
if u read it ...comment
i loooove comments..

frizz hair?

Ohkay i was in drama one day.. "true story" and my friend Kyle likes to pretend he is a cat right? right. and so he crawls around the ground.
So one day we were playing the Dating game and Dan Clason had to be Kyle hahaha and he got on the ground and started jumping around and it was super funny.
--ahh i miss drama--
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