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Basics xx
Name:: RyAnn

Age:: 14.
Location:: Flat Rock, Michigan.
Relationship status:: Single.
If taken, details; pictures:: ----
What you like best in your life:: My loving friends that listen to everything I have to say

What you would give up in a heartbeat[school doesn't count]:: Meat. [I'm a vegetarian... So I have already given that up...] So I guess.... T.V.

Favorites xx

Top 20 bands:: [In no specific order]: HIM, Atreyu, Streetlight Manifesto, Blink 182, As I Lay Dying, The White Stripes, Lamb Of God, My Chemical Romance, Dimmu Borgir, Bleeding Through, The Killers, The Used, Marilyn Manson [Not a band but... Yeah], AFI, MSI, Brand New, Zao, Poison The Well, Foreigner, and Throwdown.
Top 10 movies:: [Also in no specific order]: Donnie Darko, The Recruit, Under Black Pool Lights, Saw, CKY 3+4, Interview with The Vampire, The Fox and The Hound, Thirteen, Hell's Highway, and The Crow.
Top 5 TV shows:: [No specific order]: Viva La Bam, Jackass, Dr.Phil[He is awesome], Those shows where they take the japanese game shows and replace their voices, and My so-called Life.
Top 3 books:: Breathe Eyes Memory, A Desperate Silence, and Monster.
Top color:: Red.

Why?:: Well because everyone has that "color" of clothes that makes them look good... And mine just so happens to be red.. And I like the color because to me it represents love, which is the main thing in almost every teens' life.. It may sound stupid to you... But that's how I see it.

Opinions xx

sXe:: Awesome.
Bush:: Moron.
War in Iraq:: Pointless.
Stealing:: Stupid.
Posers:: Ummm I don't like stereotypes... But I guess I don't like them... Even though all they are trying to do is "fit in"... But oh well.
Teen depression//suicide:: I think it's not good... But it's not like my ONE opinion could stop every person in the world... Although I have saved my friend from commiting suicide.
Self-mutilators:: It is just their way of expressing how they feel... Like some people write poems, others talk to people they feel comfortable with.. it is just their way of doing that. I know a lot of people that do it, so I can't say that I don't know how people [that have a friend(s) that does it] feel.

Word Association xx
Hot:: Steamy.
Cold:: Snow.
Night:: Sleep.
Brad:: Pray[A friend of mine was diagnosed with skin cancer].
Justin:: Pop.
Pop:: Soda.
Movie:: Popcorn.
Option:: Choice.
Scream:: Horror.
Sleep:: Dream.

Promote in at least 3 locations:: ___photoxscene , mod_girls , fuckingelite .
Post 2-8 pictures, with at least one clear one of your face::

[hXc] XoX [hXc]


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