you guys are cool if you come to this... =)

Battle of the bands at Pompano Indoor Skatepark, April 24th from 2pm-11pm 15 bands including
*The End of Forever, 3-2-go, Next Exit, Montage, the Comtemptibles, Slapstick Remedy, The Stand, We bled Victory, All Absence, 9 Month Anniversry, Breathing Chemistry, The Fluent, pc tryants, A dream of Reality, And...Madelyn*
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    the show that we are having, see you there =)


me and sharmin made up nicknames for they are...

Lauren - Ping
Kaleen - Pong
Noly - Squee
Sarah - Diga
Alexis - Coo
Sharmin - Chee

Alexis and Sharmin to be said at once...Coo-Chee!!!!! heh....let us know if you approve =)))

<33333 the slanks for ever!!
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