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Welcome to _SLA_ a home for the slash obsessors.
If anyone has stumbled across this community accidentally, be warned: This is a community for slashy fanfic and fanart, meaning two guys in a relationship. If you don't like it, leave. If you choose to stay anyways, don't bother flaming us.
Otherwise, make yourself at home.

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This is a community created by two people who are in love with slash. We decided that we needed help, and where better to get help than livejournal? So we created this community for all fellow slash lovers and people who are obsessed with slash, but don't know how to cure their obsessions. In all reality this community isn't really a place where you can be cured, it just feeds on your love of slash, but really, who wants to be cured? So basically this community is just your slash home. Come, hang out, read some slash, look at slash pics, and share some slash.

All pairing are accepted as long as they are both human-like. (Which means no Ron/Squid.) Threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes are also accepted here as long as everyone in that pairing are guys. Remember this is a slash community. If you have a question about a certain pairing, please, just ask us.

And yes, the name of this community is a bit of a play on the name alcoholics annonomyous. But we are not dissing that idea. I personally think it is wonderful.

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Rules? Why do we need to rules?
Well, the rules are only here to keep the community smooth and running. So they are few and far between.

1. SLASH ONLY! Yup. No het is accepted here. Don't like slash? Then please, go somewhere else. If you want to make a het lovers annonomyous community feel free to (just credit the idea to us) but please, only slash here.
2. CREDIT if you take something from someone. Whether it is an icon, a layout, or want to make an icon from a quote in a story credit is a must. It is unfair and unjust to take someone's work and then call it your own.
3. USE WARNINGS! Please use warnings. They allow people to decide if the story is to their likeing or not.
4. ASK PERMISSION before using another author's story here. If you love someone's story then please, feel free to share it with us, but ask permission first.
5. ELJAY CUTS! Please use eljay cuts if you have a story you wrote, more than three icons, a wallpaper, a picture, or something really big. If you do not know how to use eljay cuts then use: <*lj-cut text=" "*> <*/lj-cut*> without the stars.

If you fail to follow these rules one of us will warn you. Three warnings and you get the boot. But since neither of us like banning people, please don't make us do it.

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eminemluvr521 aka michelle.
Hey people! This is your co-creater and co-moderater michelle. I'm the first official HP slash lover here at _sla_ and I moderate not only the community but also the HP slash archive which can be found here. I love slash and will read anything above R. My OTP is H/D and I am currently reading nothing but that, but if you have a really good story that you want me to read I am always up for a challenge. I also write HP fanfics, but never finish them, so unfortuantely none of my work is shown here or anywhere else. I am addicted to HP fanfiction (slash) and anything HP.
If you have any questions about anything please feel free to leave me a comment on my journal (it is semi-friends only but don't worry about that), im me on aim: muffinpr0n, or email me at southsidefountain@hotmail.com.

creature_3 aka shakhed.
Hello! This is Shakhed, the other co-creator and co-moderator. My fandom is anything Tolkien, but I do like Discworld too. I am completely obsessed with elfslash (meaning I think guys with long hair and pointy ears are sexy : P ) and my OTP is currently Glorfindel/ Erestor , but anything with Glor is good. I draw lots of scribbles based on the Elfies in my head (don’t ask. Maybe someday I’ll get around to explaining it…) and post them occasionally. Sometimes I also draw mild H/D stuff for michelle. If you have any questions that michelle won’t answer, leave me a comment on my lj, im me: Shakhed, or email me at Shakhed@hotmail.com

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If you have any problems with the userinfo or see anything I have missed or spelled incorrectly, please contact eminemluvr521 and blame me. :D