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Skylark Icons

too smart to study & too cute to care

10/21/05 11:51 pm - skylark29 - Emma Watson & I Capture the Castle

Preview: ~

>>>8 Emma Watson icons
>>>7 I Capture the Castle icons

These words are my own, from my heart flown...Collapse )

9/23/05 12:18 am - skylark29 - Romola Garai & Reese Witherspoon

>>4 Romola Garai
>>4 Reese Witherspoon

Preview: .

la dee dahCollapse )

"I Capture the Castle" and "Walk the Line" icons coming up on the horizon.

Also...dumb question, but does anyone know an easy way of posting a title banner in a free LJ? I see lots of sites have them, but I don't know how to customize it....

9/18/05 06:28 pm - skylark29 - Mixed bag of goodies


>>>3 Romola Garai
>>>1 Rachel McAdams
>>>3 Cedric/Cho mix

some enchanted eveningCollapse )
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