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Rachel McAdams

Okay, not much, I know. But, hey, quality not quantity, right?

1. 2. 3.

And Number 2 came out looking way patriotic, which wasn't intentional, especially since I know Rachel is a proud Canadian.

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Romola Garai

I won't put these under a cut because there are only four of them. I'm basically playing with brushes and different tools on photoshop. They are all of Romola Garai, who is arguably my favorite actress of the moment. She is so natural and so not a media whore. In fact I know so little about her, that I'm not even positive how to pronounce her name. But I LOVE so many of the films she's in and her characters are always real, lovely, complicated, intelligent, and believable young women. It's so lovely and refreshing in the age of the Hilton and the Lohan.

1. 2.
3. 4.

She is also the muse of my Icon Journal, er, Icon. I didn't have one. I wanted to use the first pic, but I didn't like how the community name came out. So I adapted #3, instead.
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Lost, Rent and Brokeback Mountain Icons

Okay, new icons. In honor of my shiny new Season One DVD collection of Lost, I made some icons off of the pretty, but weird UK promo directed by David LaChapelle. I also made some Rent icons, even though I have mixed feelings about the new film. I still LOVE the musical. Finally, I tracked down like, three, Brokedown Mountain pictures and make icons.


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Alrighty...let's get on with the community history.

I had a livejournal.

I made icons.

I made more icons.

I started participating in icontests.

I opened a journal just for icons.

No one visited.

I realized an extra personal journal just complicated things since I entered contests under my original name and couldn't affiliate without a community.

I had a community.

I posted a cut-and-paste version of my three wibble entries in the doomed icon journal:


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The big Harry Potter icon post of Sept. 2005


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More Wives & Daughters and Dangerous Beauty!!!


Wives & Daughters:

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