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Meghan, Fair Maiden and Devious Mind

New Harry Potter Icons & Challenge Entries

Hey! Thought I'd make a cleaner, less frenzied post of my new HP icons and included some entries for icontests that have already gone by.

>>5 New HP Trailer Icons (I've posted some already)
>>16 Assorted Icontest Entries from the past few weeks.


New HP Trailer Icons: (focusing on Cho & Champions)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

I know three of these have already been posted, but I wanted to keep this group of icons together because of theme. I'll probably be slowly adding to them with trio icons & additional character icons (Patil twins), etc.

Onto the Icontest Entries...

6. for hp_immobulus

7. 8. for rh_chorus

9.* 10.* 11. for rweasley_chorus

12. 13. 14. for hp_chorus

15. 16. 17. 18. for period_stills

19. 20. 21. for <"hgranger_chorus">

#7 tied for second place; #8 tied for third place; #14 tied for best application (of lyrics); #19 won mod's choice.

*=#9 & 10 missed the deadline.

It's really funny how these icontest icons turn out. Often I work really hard and am really happy with the results and the icon does zip in competition. Other times I'm less than pleased and it does really well. Sometimes I just poop it out, and it's obvious. ;)

I do the icontests for exposure and learning. They make me push myself to learn new applications, and as you can probably tell, I've come far since July-when I started making icons. Now, I'm at the point that I'm layer/brush crazy.

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