Jack Driscoll (driscoll_) wrote in _skull_ooc_,
Jack Driscoll

Adding LJ's to Your Friends List

Everytime a character is created and introduced, the list that'll be shown on here will be updated. That means you'll have to come back to this and add in the new journals to your list.

First, go to this site: http://www.livejournal.com/admin/console
Then copy and paste the following list into the blank field on the page.
Lastly, press execute and it should be done.

January 16st, 2006

friend add driscoll_
friend add hollywdcockroch
friend add livintheflicker
friend add j_preston
friend add empathicdarrow
friend add king__kong
friend add heartindarkness
friend add cpt_englehorn
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