Jack Driscoll (driscoll_) wrote in _skull_ooc_,
Jack Driscoll

The Application

About the Mun
Your name/nickname:
Your contact info: (AIM/MSN/YIM/ICQ & E-Mail)
Your Age:
Your Journal:

About your Character:
Name: (Self-explanatory.)
Age: (Same as name.)
Appearance: (Describe eyes, hair, body type, etc. As well as attire and clothing.)
Personality: (What is your character like?)
Strengths: (Positive.)
Weaknesses: (Negative.)
Personal History: (Briefly list what happened to your character before they became involved in the story.)
Sample Entry: (At least two paragraphs please.) OR if want, please provide us a link to where you've done some previous roleplay. It doesn't matter which character you've played, for we wish to just see your writing experience before we accept you into the game.

Don't forget to Reply to this thread with your application. You don't need to join the community to post your application, just do it with your current journal. Please wait for an approval from a mod before you being to play. Once accepted, please make your journal, join both the RP and OOC communities and introduce yourself with the information you provided us.
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