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Jack Driscoll

The Rules

01.] This rpg will be MA and more than likely contain R rated material in terms of violence, frightening subject matter, and possibly sex. We'd like all players to be 15+ and mature gamers.

02.] No godmoding. This means creating an all powerful character with no weaknesses and mass superior powers, who has supreme knowledge of everything within the universe. This also means writing the actions between two characters in terms of being attacked or killed without the player's consent first. You must have the OK of another player before you can do anything physically harmful to their character. Godmoding also includes being able to make your character see into the psyche of another character and point it out as though they said it aloud and in the open. Just because you as the 'player' read what a character is thinking doesn't mean that your character knows. There's a difference between OOC and IC reading.

03.] No Mary-Sues or Marty Stus. What are they? Characters so absolutely flawless, who more than likely have some tragic past more haunting than Harry Potter himself, and latch onto canon characters, stealing them away from their relationships in the movies. They reflect the personality of the writer in which they were created and more than likely deal with a person's desire to have a canon character to themselves. This doesn't mean that relationships are forbidden, just that your more than likely not going to be getting it on with one of the main characters if you're on OC.

04.] We are slash/het friendly, but please consider that not everyone will want same sex relationships, and please contact the player first before you want any sort of sexual pairing. Go easy on the love-making people! We're not bunnies! XD

05.] No Drama and/or fighting is allowed in OOC time. Don't get offended if a character doesn't like your character. That's bound to happen all the time in these types of games, but keep in mind that the bashing isn't indicated toward you as a player, but just your character. No discrimination is allowed against one another and anyone caught in OOC bashing another player will be banned. No exceptions. We don't allow that here.

06.] Grammar and spelling is a must. Please use proper formation and spell as accurately as possible. Its understandable, that as humans, we make the occasional slip up, but please don't make it a habit. Use the spell-check when checking your work. That's why its there. And please, don't use numbers 4 words or type leik this omfg!!@#$! WITH ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!!! when gaming with your character.

07.] A minimum of two paragraphs is a must when responding to a post. That's six + sentences, not two. Its rather discouraging when you have another player post a long response only to get a short measly reply back from the other person. Don't be lazy. And hey, feel free to write as much as you want after those two paragraphs.

08.] When starting a new thread, please indicate in brackets to who the thread is open for when finished with your post; IE: [Open to *character names here* or anyone else nearby.] Or anything similar to that. But please include this only after your entry.

In the header, please write in where exactly your character is. IE: In the Forest.

When your thread is finished and you're willing to venture onto another location, please make sure that the title in the main thread reads CLOSED.

09.] You must make a journal for your character. One journal per one character. Don't use your regular blog journal for replying to posts unless when in the OOC community and it has nothing to do with the game. You may join the board with your regular journal, but please do not reply with that journal. Only your character journal can respond in the RPG board.

10.] All posts will be in 3rd person format. IE: Hidden beneath the shrub, Ann Darrow stays frozen to the ground, fear in her face and panic forming with her quiet breathing, she waits. For either death or salvation.

Your character journal will be in 1st person format. IE: Today I discovered something quite unusual. I don't exactly know how or why I came to find it, but I wasn't alone. A character journal is for your muses' personal thoughts, actions, or opinions on what is currently going on in a game. If you don't want a certain character responding to the thread, then put it behind a lj-cut indicating who the post is for only.

11.] Be active! Anyone not responding to a thread within two weeks (without first letting one of the mods know) will be questioned. If you haven't posted within four weeks, your character will be deleted. Please don't make us do this. If you're going to be going away for a while and unable to have access to the computer, please let one of the mods know.

12.] Stay in character! Don't let you as a player come out through your character and do something that isn't in the character's personality. Know what your character would and wouldn't do in means to each situation. How would they react? That's what roleplaying is all about; being another person, not yourself. Please remember this.

13.] Each single mun is allowed two characters each. This includes your OC.

14.] OC's are allowed only after all canon characters are taken. We want canon's first! To see what characters we need, please check here!
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