Slow times

No the RP has not closed! We're just a little slow that's all, but I will NOT let this board die. A couple players (myself included) have been having stressful times in our real life and have been inclined to posting. I promise all the players that I will not see the board die out so soon. As a mod I promise you all this!

On another note, I wanted to add in that our Skull Island thread has now been invaded with the natives. I talked with our Jimmy-mun and she suggest that we stay on the island as going back to the boat and once again back to Skull Island would be a little tedious. I agreed with her and then realized that the video game version of how they get on the island is slightly different.

Basically the story starts out with the majority of the cast and crew of Carl's film in two separate boats. For whatever reason, Jimmy is there alongside. (Though it doesn't specify why.) A mass of rocks fall into the water and cause the boat that Carl, Ann, Hayes and Jack are in to shatter and send the riders overboard. The boat that occupies Jimmy, Preston and the rest of the crew row away to find land. (In which they later show up but cannot beach because of the current in the water.) So the four of them are stranded on the island in which giant crabs begin to attack. Seeking safe haven, they rush into a cave and begin to reach the small village that inhabits the natives.

For some reason (as my memory of this part isn't too clear) Carl and Hayes separate from Ann and Jack and the two are left to fend for themselves. The natives appear and begin to attack Jack and Ann... Then, as playing Jack, you're decked and knocked out. You awaken to see Ann tied to the stand as you are tied to a post.

Would it be better if we combine both the storylines of the game and movie into our rp, and if not, does anyone have any suggestions? I'm very open for them.

So here's what I've been thinking we should do. As the natives begin to attack and Englehorn, Jimmy, Hayes and few crew arrive with guns, the group gets separated... Or more precise, the natives take Ann. Jack still gets knocked out and Carl is on the brink of being clubbed to death. The only difference is that with all the distractions, the natives slip away with Ann in their grasp. With what happened, Englehorn demands that he go back to the ship and get reinforcements...

Of course this is just my idea. Englehorn-mun what have you say? Do you have any suggestions? What about everyone else? Got anything to add?

Ah, another note. Jimmy-mun was over at my house looking at the Kong video game and suggest that I scan in the artwork so we could use that for reference and hopefully that'll be up soon.
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Seen enough?

No one here...!

Okay, this is slowing down, majorly. XD So, in order to help speed this sucker along, here's a QUESTION! Stolen from NOWEHERE! Because I just THOUGHT OF IT! Here it is:

What song/lyrics/melody/quote best describe your character in the Heart of Darkness RP?

Obviously, not DIRECT QUOTES of theirs, but from other movies or whatever. XD The reason for this is that lately, I've been hearing songs, and thinking of Captain Englehorn! ^.^ I have ideas, but I will not post it until other people do too! XD SO POST!


Hi all. I just want to say that although I play a big mean scary biped, does not mean I'm the same in OOC! I'm always online unless I'm at work or sleeping, so feel free to IM me.

I know I have a little while to wait for a go at RP, except for occasional roaring. Buuuut I can wait! So come, bug me!

ElizaDolohov <--- AIM
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The Application

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Don't forget to Reply to this thread with your application. You don't need to join the community to post your application, just do it with your current journal. Please wait for an approval from a mod before you being to play. Once accepted, please make your journal, join both the RP and OOC communities and introduce yourself with the information you provided us.