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Into the Heart of Darkness

Skull Island: A King Kong RPG

Skull Island
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For years, American Filmmaker and Showman Carl Denham has been recognized for his movies of untamed nature shot in exotic locations around the globe. Now, in late 1932, he's about to embark on his most dangerous gamble; to film a movie that could either make or ruin his reputation. Along with screenwriter and playwright Jack Driscoll, several camera crew and cast, and Ann Darrow, an Actress, they are guided by an arcane map into the heart of the unknown...

What they find there exceeds even their wildest nightmares. The island's peninsula is shrouded by a giant wall, built by a long vanished civilization, which protects the inhabitants from something on the other side-something monstrous and all powerful and terribly alive.

Danger becomes deadly when Denham, Driscoll, the beautiful Ann Darrow, and the crew of the S.S. Venture come face to face with the beast-god of Skull Island, "King Kong!"

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MOD: April
AIM: darko crumbles
EMAIL: skullislandmods@gmail.com

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None of us are Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Universal Studios, or any of the actors and actresses from the film. We don't own the 2005, 1975 or 1933 movie versions, books, or video game either. We're merely roleplayers using the movie and its characters to create our own story and have some fun. We make no profit from this whatsoever and do not claim to own anyone. We're just borrowing them for our own creative purposes and promise to give them back to their rightful owners once done.

©King Kong