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Everything a Girl Like Me Could Ask For

Tips, Hints, Jokes, and Crafts
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This community in its original state was a lovely idea, but I had let it die. Now its going to be more of a private community where I can post the things that matter to me and catalog them in the memories...so the name is no longer really fitting for what the community is, but oh well...I hated seeing it go to waste.

This is basically a private community, but if you think you really want to see my household hints or recipes that I save...feel free to ask to join.

I want to also just make sure you are aware that I do not claim these as my own original ideas. They are things I have decided I want to have access to later and I wanted to catalog them for my own ease....you are welcome to look through them as well :)

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Breakfast Recipes, Desert Recipes, Dinner Recipes, Soup Recipes

Craft Links, Crochet Patterns, Misc Crafts

Hints-Bathroom, Hints-Car Care, Hints-Get Organized, Hints-Hardwood Floors, Hints-Kitchen, Hints-Pets, Hints-Misc

Holidays-Valentine's Day, Holidays-4th of July, Holidays-Easter

Jokes, Time Wasters, and Fun Stuff