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I can ollie, and that's pretty much all I can do, but I don't care, I'm satisfied with that.

I love skating. The way the wind gets caught in your shirt, the way the wheels roll over textured ground, the freedom you feel

until you're stopped haha. I usually bring my board almost everywhere I go and use it.
kitty on a record player

anyone out there?

so i'm looking around and i was wondering what's the best skate deck size for me. I actually have no idea but I want a deck that's small and light as it can possibly be. Should i get a 7.5? i'm 5'1 110lbs
what's the difference between enjoi resin 7 decks and element featherlight decks? are they the same weight?
i've been riding around with venture mid trucks and i don't like them. what can you recommend as the best and lightest setup?
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who the shit is kingsley zissou?

Selling A Box Of Videos.

Hey guys. I'm pretty much selling a big box of videos on eBay. There are more than twenty total. All of the titles are listed in the description, and the starting bid is only $7. Considering what videos cost new, it's not a bad deal.

P.S. The Lakai tour video alone is worth gold. I wasn't going to throw it in there but I found it on DVD.

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