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1.How long have you been skating?
20+ years credentials

2.what tricks can you do?
i love me some ramps especially bowls. i like to (try to) go high on my airs and just be smooth because sketchiness on the ramp is painful to watch. street skating has become too technically challenging and treacherous for me, but i can ollie over almost anything. i've got a bum hip and knee too.

3.what are your favorite brands of shoes?
i've been wearing vans since i started (i think the TNT II's are currently the most comfy), but i just bought some ipath shoes out of curiosity. not bad.

4.what are your favorite brands of skateboards?
i've been riding blanks for a while, so i don't have any brand preference.

5.what famous skateboarder would you like to meet?
any of the following: steve caballero, christian hosoi, lance mountain, daewon song at least one pic of yourself skating.(this is optional)

in the beginning (circa 1989?)

*note the slight strain in my face. that was normal.

..and now.

*note the look of uncertain terror on my face now. that's normal.

another at the indoor park.

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I often skate to work. When I do, I have to walk through grass. This makes my shoes wet, and I'm always hesitant to step back on my grip with wet soles. So I end up standing in the parking lot for a few minutes scraping my soles against the concrete to dry them once I'm through the grass, and this is lame.
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Old School Skateboard

My Dad has had this around for ages.

It's circa 70's with Chicago trucks and some kinda soft wheel (like urethane: almost a waxy feel"

The deck is clear plastic, wicked small, 23.25 inches by 5.25 appx. It has "FLAMORE" Made in Italy and two french style bicycles (with the big wheel in the front and a little wheel in the back) on the nose and the tail. The letters used to be blue or purplish.

Anyone know anything about this company??? The value???

Thanks, would post pics but don't have a cam right now.
Atheist Goat

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So I've been watching the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Just finished Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. Now I have only to watch New Nightmare, which is a good flick and was directed by Wes Craven.
I like Freddy. The character. It's not that I find him to be a likable guy. It's that I find him to be a compelling monster.
One scene in Nightmare 5 has Freddy skateboarding. Yup. I watched that part in slow-mo. They hired a wiry skater who has about 8 inches on Robert Englund. There was a ramp set up on the set and obscured by a wall of perforated sheet metal. FreddySkater comes rolling up the ramp and pops a boneless, turning 90 degrees to hit his mark and roll toward the camera. I found it hilarious that Freddy Krueger would step onto a dream skateboard and decide, "Im gonna kill someone; I might as well bust out some old-school shit."

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so check it. my friend lost his lease to his skateshop, and he offered me whatever I found in the back and wanted, in exchange for helping him clean the place out. i dont skateboard as much these days so i’ll sell all this stuff kinda cheap.
paypal is preferred.
i have feedback on ebay under KAITLIKEBAIT

(i will have pictures tommorow night upon request)

-Baker - Andrew Reynolds, Ziggy Stardust design. 7.63 (brand new, still in shrink wrap)

-Emerica - Reynolds 1s, navy blue/ gum/ bling, size 10. (these are the original reynolds 1s, not the remakes. These also have never been worn or skated in.)
-Emerica - Tosh, Black / gum, size 10. (these have not been available for quite some time, considering tosh left emerica awhile ago, these have not been worn or skated in).

(all shirts are out of print and unworn and unwashed)
-Baker - Size S (black with white PD spray paint logo. has baker logo on the sleeve).
-Baker - Reynolds logo size S (black with leopard print baker logo)
-Baker - Reagans logo size S (black shirt, white sprey paint baker logo. the sprey paint is
different colors. these shirts were very limited.)
-Baker - AR Shaggy logo size S ( this shirt has the graphic of shaggy in a fur coat and a wad of cash wit some pimp, this shirt is from the very early days of baker.)
-Baker - Anarchy Logo, size M (heather gray shirt with the anarchy logo)
-Emerica - Size S (navy blue with tan logo outlines in brown. Hollywood logo underneath)
-Emerica - Size S (navy blue with gold logo, says emerica in old English a bunch of times in the logo)
-Emerica - Flag logo size S (brown shirt with white print. shirt has upside down flag with the emerica logo instead of stars, says emerica underneath the flag logo).
-Flip - blood sports size M (very old shirt from ‘99. ash gray)
-Krew - baseball shirt size S (black shirt that says krew in letters that look like they are sewn on).
-Krew - scribble Size S (black shirt with pink kr3w logo, and says krew in white. letters and logo are in scribble like font.)
-Krew - death before disco Size S (black shirt, has a white skull and cross bones with a white krew logo in the middle of the crossbones. arched above the skull it says death in read, arched underneath the cross bones it says before disco in white).
-Krew - Brush logo, Size S ( black shirt with white painted on looking logo, this was one of the first krew shirts).
-Zero - OG logo, size M ( heather gray shirt with the original zero logo in black.)

-Krew - AR denim size 28, gray. (krew is no longer making these pants, and these are hard to come by. these are unwashed, and unworn)

-krew - AR Army jacket - size small. (krew is no longer making this jacket, and it is hard to come by, this is un worn and unwashed).
-vintage authentic red leather jacket. size small, tight fit.

other stuff
- autographed baker poster (signed by reynolds, ellington, spanky, herman, braydon and lenoce. I will include an unsigned copy of this poster as well.)
-baker banner ( I got 2 of these, there a little worn from being displayed)
-huuuge shortys banner (this thing is big)
-PD trucker hat
-2 pack of blackhole griptape (perforated to prevent air pockets)
-emerica floormat

reply here, or email me at:
with offers.

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1.How long have you been skating? 4 months tomorrow

2.What tricks can you do? 360 pivots. Tic tac. Yeah, I'm not very good.

3.What are your favorite brands of shoes? I bought a pair of generics made by a company called 50/50 Slide. Amazingly, they are more comfortable than the Fallen shoes I bought at a skateshop.

4.What are your favorite brands of skateboards? I'm currently skating a complete and I think the brand is Sk8 Mafia. I walked into the skateshop, told them I was buying my first skateboard, and then chose this board from the pre-builts they suggested. It's the only board I've ever ridden; I can't say what my favorite brands are as I have no basis for comparison.

5.What famous skateboarder would you like to meet? Rodney Mullen.

6.Post at least one pic of yourself skating.(this is optional) That wouldn't be a very interesting pic, but I'll try to do that at some point.

So I'm joining this community because I just started skating (relatively speaking) and I have no friends who skate. I'd like someone to talk with about skateboarding.

My first question follows:
Does it matter where you put your feet when you ride? I know foot placement matters when doing tricks. I'm just talking about cruising.

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so , whats your best flatland trick ?
im a flatland skater ,so i have some stuff to pick from .
fakie big underflips, fs finger bigflips, classic fakie bigflips (i just learned these tonight), and fakie big heels
primo slides are cool , but theyre just a mess around trick check this, im going back to this spot sometime to get something better

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1.How long have you been skating? 5 months
2.what tricks can you do? ollie, frontside 180, kick-flip, boardslide, shuv-it, pop shuv-it.
3.what are your favorite brands of shoes? Emerica
4.what are your favorite brands of skateboards? Zero
5.what famous skateboarder would you like to meet? Ryan Sheckler at least one pic of yourself skating.(this is optional) I don't have any.
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