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Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen Candles Community

Sixteen Candles
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Sixteen Candles Community

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<center> Sixteen Candles Community

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Sixteen Candles (1984)
Samantha Baker is an everyday teenager. This is the story of the worst day of her life - her sixteenth birthday. A date no one remembers, not even her adoring grandparents.
Samantha suffers the exaggerated problems of a normal adolescent girl: Problems like an infatuated freshman, a spoiled sister, a brattish younger brother, confused parents, overbearing grandparents, a crazy china man and most of all.. a beautiful blonde rival who stands in the way of her and the man of her teenage dreams! </center>


Molly Ringwald .... Samantha Baker
Justin Henry .... Mike Baker
Michael Schoeffling .... Jake Ryan
Haviland Morris .... Caroline Mulford
Gedde Watanabe .... Long Duk Dong
Anthony Michael Hall .... Farmer Ted, 'The Geek'
Paul Dooley .... Jim Baker
Carlin Glynn .... Brenda Baker
Blanche Baker .... Ginny Baker
Edward Andrews .... Howard Baker
Billie Bird .... Dorothy Baker
Carole Cook .... Grandma Helen
Max Showalter .... Grandpa Fred
Liane Alexandra Curtis .... Randy
John Cusack .... Bryce

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