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TS May Newsletter

Happy May everyone! Summer is near, and many of you will be off for a lovely long summer vacation. We hope you will include The Sisterhood and The Sisterhood Boards in your summer plans.

We would like to welcome two new sisters to the team: Erin and Lauren. Heather (sullen girl) has left the team.

We have some new updates to report. One menu has been revamped: "The Sisterhood menu." It now also has icons and descriptions like the rest of the menus do. Fashion has a few new updates: 'this season's trends' page, and a new look- flowery dresses. Fonts has been redone recently as well. Resources has been updated: new pages for blogs & images and some dead links removed. Tutorials has a new grunge tutorial added, so give that a try. Quotes has some new ones to check out also. The Advice column has answered yet another important question, so check that out, and sumbit one yourself.

Check out all the other lovely content we have for you here at The Sisterhood and fill out some interactions. Remember, the more you interact, the better we can make this site for you.

As always, don't forget to take advantage of our low prices and advertise your site with us.

Have a great month everyone. See you all at the boards!
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