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Sirius Denial... For Those Who Know the Truth. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Sirius valentines [14 Feb 2009|02:04pm]

Happy Valentine's Day!  I made several with Sirius.


Click here to see the rest (WARNING: PG-13 for Adult language and innuendo)

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[26 Nov 2006|05:43pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

On an upward note to the ranting post of today, I must say this:

When doing laundry and I need hangers, I find that going to my mother closet is something like Christmas for me. Hangers all around, empty and unused, waiting for me to grab them. And getting the handfuls of hangers gives me the same feeling I got when I was a little girl and ripped into a package, and found it to be Beauty and the Beast on VHS. While this is a surprisingly sad thing, given that laundry and hangers makes me so obsenely happy, I am glad to say the Christmas spirit and it's eating my face.

On that note, I'm off to clean up the living room, get the tree from the basement, and start decorating! Thank you, Mom's Closet Full of Empty Hangers. The Three Wise Men's gifts hold nothing on you.

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OotP icons [18 Nov 2006|10:25am]


Click here to see the rest. (ummm... obviously contains cursing and slash)

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new humor icons [16 Sep 2006|06:16pm]

This community needs an update, so I bring you icons!



Icons feature a picture of Hugh Jackman (left, here) as Sirius Black.

Click here to see the rest (WARNING: Post contains very adult language, sexual innuendo, slash, cursing, etc.)

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Sorry... [07 Aug 2006|04:34pm]

Since this community has been inactive for a very long time now, I'm afraid I'll be leaving it. Thanks, I had a great time!

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[20 May 2006|05:11pm]

I haven't posted for a while, so I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm not dead (just like Sirius), just resting. And I'll find something interesting to share next time :)

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I'm not obsessed. Just really bored [14 Mar 2006|03:10pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Okay, so I'm jotting down notes on the fic I'm planning to do when I had to look up a name of a minor character for something specific in OotP and just managed to get utterly angry and depressed over Sirius's crappy characterization and death. All the characterization needed to be even more complete was if he had gotten a tarot reading done and gotten the hanged man and death winking up at him from the table...gawd...I hate it when people waste characters/plotlines that have so much potential.

I've noticed she has had a few loopholes by being vague about the veil. So she didn't paint herself into a corner with that one, (unike what she did with Snape) despite everything sounding like the lady doth protest too much about him not coming back.  (They also aren't ingenious loop-holes. More like vagueness reeking of "I didn't think this through...I'll just allude and be enigmatic")

Well, I know tis kinda weird to be fixated on a possible cannon second coming, but supposedly JKR has been dropping hints that Sirius might appear in a different form. Someone has also put out the possibility of him actually being Tonk's Patronum...not sure how that would work though...unless patronum are on some level the essence of the beloved dead? *scratches head thoughtfully*

Also...was Remus even like broken up over the death of one of his best mates? It would be kinda odd if he wasn't...Anyone recall that? OotP kinda seems like the anathema of the HP books to me and not just cause of Sirius' death either. (Or as I like to call it MIA AWOLness)

Oh, and reading over Dumbledore's convo with Harry just screams emotional manipulation. "So...Maybe I shouldn't have locked up your godfather in HIS HATED CHILDHOOD HOME TO KEEP HIM SAFE. Ooops. I screwed up. Wanna hear what else I fucked up?"

So why the hell does he get a fitting funeral and redemption while Sirius kinda disappears off the map? Hell, Even MERCUTIO got some mention! And a funeral!

*blinks* Okay. The voices in my head are all in mutual agreement that I need more sleep. Yes. Magnus needs sleep...

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Thoughts on Sirius...dammit, he's not dead. He's pining for the fjords of Norway [05 Mar 2006|05:19am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hi. I joined this comm...I don't recall. My sleeping patterns are shot. I did post a fic, but if it's not cool, I'll take it down.

Honestly, when I first read about Sirius dying...(well, thanks to the trolls on the net, I got that bit spoiled for me) I was underwhelmed. Mostly because the book was a let down and terribly depressing all around. I hate to admit that I actually skipped a ton of pages and skipped a lot of that chapter. I re-read it and then I bawled. 

Not only did she just destroy a character that had so much potential, it was just such a cop-out. When I told my friend about it, he made a comment that even Marvel wouldn't have offed a character in such a sudden and pathetic way without planning something spectacular to bring him back to make up for it.  Not only was it not giving the character his due, but it was sloppy narrative, since what the hell was the point of bringing him in so late in the game and then killing him?

I understand that Harry has to be the archetype and go at his quest alone in order to regain maturity...but killing a potential father figure that had been brought in book 3 wasn't the way to go about it, narrative wise. Other heroes have done their growing up and still kept their father figures-Aragorn(Elrond) Taran Wanderer (Dallben) Arthur (Merlin) etc. A character doesn't necessarily have to have death in order to mature...and if it is a must...Cedric was the sacrifice for Harry to have that necessary step. More and it just starts looking like a bad Greek Tragedy. Or an anime. 

(I have friends that are calling Harry Potter Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing, since that character seems to be a grim reaper to everyone he comes across with...almost like what Harry is like now)

Before anyone thinks I'm knocking JKR, I'm not. I really do enjoy reading the HP books, but the way that she handled the Sirius thing wasn't cool. I really did like the character from the beginning, but at first he was like the cool uncle who dropped by to visit. Almost non-consequential. Then when the main characters (and don't kill me for this) really started to go south, him and Remus, the older Weasleys and Snape took the spotlight for me. They had developed much better than the main characters that we were supposed to be cheering for and that's kind of sad.  Sirius became to me, the more tragic and interesting character. Even more so than Harry, who seemed to get more Emo than the Dashboard Confessional guy as time went on.

I know Harry is supposed to be an every man character...or is he? I'm not sure that JRK herself is sure of that.  I know she has said he is supposed to be an ordinary boy, hence the common name and his background...but with more readings of the books, he seldom is that. And not just because his peers raise him up on a pedestal or anything. He is almost untouchable. He escapes everything and almost is like Han Solo in that he always lands on his feet despite set-backs.  If he were ordinary, he would occasionally had major screw-ups. If he died, that theory would be cemented. A perfect hero is a dead hero.No nasty reality to live with...

Sirius seems to be the more reachable out of all the characters simply because he is the opposite of what Harry's character is. He is a tragic hero who fucks up. Who has made his mistakes and has paid probably a very heavy price. He has...sadly to say...even more narrative potential. In a way, he is like Mercutio-not sure what the hell he is doing, but more interesting in the long run-than Romeo ever was.

Sorry, those are my seven cents...hope they make sense somehow...

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(FIC) Promising an Ocean 1/1 [05 Mar 2006|05:15am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Title: Promising Oceans
Author: Miss Anne Thropy
Disclaimers: Characters owned by JKR, Bloomsbury et al. WB et al. Lyrics by the Tea Party. the Prose is the only thing I claim and not making profit out of this.
Warnings: Angst/Introspection/Sap/M-preg. AU and taking massive liberties with books five and six. May contain smallish spoilers. Be warned.
Rating: Mature bordering on Restricted due to the heaviness of the issues.
Summary: The war is over, he's come back and been reunited with Remus. He's expecting Remus's child. Life should be perfect...so why does he feel like he's a mere burden?
Notes: This was written when I was once again mulling the question of how a good character that deserved more got shafted. Sirius could have been such a perfect potrayal of a broken man doing good and being healed and having his life have meaning than just being the wastrel that could have/should have been. He always is portrayed as mad, but desperately strong, yet hopeless character. I had to wonder whether he would be as strong as he has been portrayed if his tools where taken away and it was just him, emotionally naked. Hence this fic was born.

Promising an OceanCollapse )

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Icons! [20 Jan 2006|05:02am]


Made a couple new ones.  You're welcome to take them, but credit and don't hotlink.


Click here if you want to see more icons (no Sirius) and colorbars (do have Sirius) <--link also includes coding for the above colorbar.

Also, I finally found the perfect picture for what Sirius always looked like in my mind. 

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More icons... [08 Jan 2006|07:19pm]




Click here to see the rest--but only if you have a sense of humor!

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[06 Jan 2006|06:56pm]

[ mood | its friday whoo...hooo ]

hello all,
i am a new member obviously,
and i think all of us Sirius Lovers need a community like this
long live padfoot * cries *
okay i'm done

ta ta

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new humor icons [06 Jan 2006|11:04am]




Click here to see more!  : )

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new icons [02 Jan 2006|04:08am]

[ mood | creative ]



I know that third one isn't directly Sirius, but I think it's how we all feel!

Click here for more Sirius goodness, along with icons & colorbars for other characters.

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Couple more Sirius icons... [26 Dec 2005|06:05pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]


Feel free to take, but credit and don't hotlink.  These icons are from this post, which you're welcome to visit if you'd like, but there's no more Sirius icons there.

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[24 Dec 2005|11:46pm]

I'm fluxxie - I found this community through a _belong applicant..

I am so glad that I am not alone in my refusal to believe that Sirius is dead. He can't be. I am of the horror movie generation that knows the only way to truly kill something is to cut its head off.

When I return to my hole (as opposed my mother's house.. I hate holidays), then I will post a very intelligent reasoning for Sirius to still be alive (I was going to do it now, but I need HBP for reference).

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Please delete if it's not allowed. [22 Dec 2005|06:12pm]


_belong_belong: Find out where you belong at a brand-new sorting community!

Please remember to say that usrweirdos referred you! We’ll get points for it.

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Icons that lament Sirius not being in GoF... [15 Dec 2005|06:26pm]




Click here to read letters from Sirius...

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Sirius/Remus icons [14 Dec 2005|04:22pm]




Click here to see the rest (post is 70+ icons, including many for Sirius/Remus, but also has other pairings.  Post also has 7 colorbars that feature Sirius and Sirius/Remus, along with other characters and pairings)

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New Sirius icons [08 Dec 2005|06:27pm]


Sirius and Sirius/Remus


Click here to see the rest...

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