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do it yrself

do it about someone else

the self
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"some look upon the Self as marvellous. Others speak of it as wonderful. Others again hear of It as a wonder. And still others, though hearing, do not understand it at all."
-Bhagvad Gita, 2.29
Sacred Hindu text

We're all fascinated by ourselves, we're all fascinated by others. We're all artists in one way or another and it seems that all the art we create is hopelessly self indulgent anyways, is it not?

So here exists a place to explore this self indulgence. Explore yrself - what you know about yrself. Explore another self, someone else, explore someone you don't know or someone you do know. Explore your sister mother best friend, favourite singer, favourite artist. Talk about the guy who stands on the corner up the street and sings 'she'll be comin' round the mountain' every damned day.
Portraits, writing, stories, little drawings, all is welcome, art or not, so long as it is not offensive, derogatory, etc etc, you know the drill. Post the essay you wrote on Napolean if it gives us a good idea of what he was like. Post that lame picture you took of your dog wearing sunglasses if you feel that's expressive of Rover's self.

Lj-cut for anything enourmous (you be the judge of that...if you have to scroll, lj-cut it. I'll jab your side and whisper nicely in your ear if it needs to be cut.) Repeat offenders will be banned, but I won't be fascist.

_singularis is moderated by lepasdecygnet. If any of this confuses you, drop me a line.
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