taste of my philosophy essay, taste of God

If God is hypothesized as being “perfectly good” as knowing everything, and as “able to do anything”, then how come there is so much, indeed any, evil in the creation? Furthermore, if we are all creatures of this creator, then how can it be anything but unjust to arrange to punish us at all, much less some of us inordinately and eternally, for doing or failing to do precisely only what – upon these embarrassing traditional assumptions – that God determines that we should do or fail to do? In dealing with the argument that God is required to ensure the objectivity of moral standards, we need to distinguish carefully between the motives for morality and its possible grounds. I mean, there is no doubt that belief in a God has frequently been the source of moral incentives - sometimes the motive has been the altruistic one of love for a deity or a saint whose wishes one believes oneself to be carrying out of love for other human beings on the ground that they are equally the children of God. Children of God? It has also been, and perhaps more frequently, the motive of fear of future punishment or hope of future reward. Ooh, I'm scared about what lies in store in the next life, so I'll be good now. Why not be good for the sake of being good? It was once believed that men were not generally capable of behaving decently without this prudential motive that led Voltaire to say that “if God did not exist it would be necessary to invent him.” Much good has been done in the name of religion, but also very much evil, as we all know it. When the long history of religious intolerance and persecution is taken into account, together with the tendency of religious hierarchies to side with the oppressors rather than the oppressed, it is arguable that the evil has outweighed the good, and religion’s purpose of creating a cohesive moral standard has been thrown into the divine dustbin.

Hey Nietzsche - coffee?
Tonight. 8pm.
By the Red Sea.

ode to my hand

hand hangs as a limp pork chop, floppy beats of paved streets centre gravity
how does the weight flow?
wrist, knuckle, index? or is it... wrist, index, but skip the knuckle?
i chuckle, for this must look absurd. examining my hand.

the ground is starry tonight. pork chop hand flops against a starry backdrop.
looks graceful when spread across legs tight
as graphite; definite, concise
it falls flat; a ripe young fellow fresh outta serum.

unheard of, yet this is my hand
pep less pork chop lacking pizzazz.
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truthism is my new religion

sometimes i think the real world is someone's incredibly dull job full of repetitions and storyline failures and lifeless character. if we manage to figure out such huge parts of it at so early a stage of our lives, what's the point of the rest of our life time then? serving the nightmare? never moving forward? sitting in the room with the sum calculated and formula proven, there you are biting your pen nervously. clocks turn, strokes don't stop. in the sweet night you sit alone unwillingly sucking the ink out if it, looking at everyone else still writing and strugling over the papers, asking yourself... was it supposed to be that easy? is this a a mistake? do i have the wrong answer?
did i fail or win? am i right or wrong?
how about that bitter taste in my mouth?
why am i not like everyone else?
what's that smell?

the victory makes you feel the most miserable person on earth.
i am a genius in my insanities.
i know the truth inherent in this mad world.
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something for my first post.

does it count?
every since i heard the song that i put this to i wanted to make some sort of video with it.
and then after i watched this time lapse that i made i thought "Hey! i know what music would work with that!"
and i think it worked quite nicely.
i'm sure it says something about me. but i'm not sure what.

made with Canon ZR60 dvCam, iMac, iStopmotion, iMovie.
Music is "Pink Light" by Add N To {X}

it looks a lot better in full quality dv video, but that file is 237 MB or something like that.

im new

hello everyone im new to this community...i saw it in one of the other communities, it seems very interesting.i like self expression...i live in southern california, i am 18 years old and i enjoy taking photographs weather its myself or other people..i dont like to smile so if you dont like nonsmiling pictures then tuff!! im into music and movies my favoright movie is gia...anglina did a wonderful job...ummm i like makeup and style..that is it about me ill post my most resent pictures!
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