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first post...oh what fun!

Greetings to all.
I just joined this community..approximately 1 mintute ago and am so now going to start my career of random ramblings...
i was reading the community profile, and it talked about exploring oneself..and i thought "wow this sounds like a good chance for me to be totally narcassisic!" (eep that spelling was rather dubious..but i cant really be bothered checking to see if it's right:))
Well, myself, i find half the time i hate myself muchly, and half the time i love myself. but overall i am at peace...in fact some of the most content moments i have are those i spend wandering the art gallery or mueseam by myself, when i get bored of studying.
I shall keep this entry short, in case i get kicked out for being annoying or something :p but shall in time write more...hehe suffer:) you havent met my dearest alter ego yet:)
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