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NO DELETE! [27 Apr 2012|04:21am]
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Hello ^_^; [18 Jul 2008|02:57am]
[ mood | nervous ]

 Name (or what you want to be known as to us): Kris
Singing experience: Three years of choir, lots of self practice
What languages have you all sang in?: English of course, Latin, Spanish, Japanese, Manderin, Thai, Korean, Dutch, Hebrew, Swahili (I think that's what it was)...I can't think of any others at the moment.

I'm 15, going into the 10th grade. I love to sing. I'm alto. Trying to extend my range.
I have a youtube, which I post songs on.


I'd love feedback on any of it, but I'd suggest listening to the newer ones because I feel I've gotten better.

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Podshow Invite [26 Jun 2008|12:56pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Greetings! I'm a singer who's still trying to get her career off the ground, but who, in the meantime- has found a great outlet for musical creativity and diverse musical tastes... Podcasting!! :D:D My tastes in music go all over the map, & I'm starting up a podcast to share my best finds with the world, and I'm desperately looking for some good, diverse music.

^_^ It's still in its infant stages, but I thought that while I'm shopping for a new computer I should still go about finding music for the show, no? So here goes!

Regardless of your genre, I'm looking for quality musicians in every style- Pop, Latin, Goth/Industrial, EBM, Trance, Middle Eastern, Nwe Wave, World, Celtic, Folk and more.

From Voltaire to Omnia, Gypsy Nomads to VnV Nation, Sarah MclAchlan to Loreena McKennit, Madonna to ATB, I love all genres of music and want to share my eclectic tastes with others! If you have anything on sites like Ioda, Magnatunes or Podshow. com, please let me know so I can feature you in my new podcast called "Eclectica." If you don't have anything on such a site but would like to have your music appear on the show, please send me a wire and let me know which songs you'd like to send out, where I can find them to download for the podcast, and where listeners can buy and/or download them as well. ^_^ This could be REALLY neat, so I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone who's got something niff to share! :D:D

Oh yes, and storytellers & writers are welcome too! This show will NOT be limited to vocals, instrumentals and other types of traditional music! If you have poetry you'd like to submit, or know of a storyteller who's got a track or two they can share, pony that up, too! :D:D (Oh, and if you or someone you know has a piece of written work that they want submitted but who's too afraid to record it themselves, I'll be happy to recite it instead, and credit the appropriate author, if they'd wish. :))

Thanks so Much, & Hope to Hear From You!

PS I've already heard back from one of the artists I'ce asked for permission to play his stuff. ^_^ His name is Joshua Safford, & he's a neat, diverse storyteller & performer who can be found at www.ravenstory.com. :D:D

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Beautiful! [13 Sep 2007|05:36pm]

I'm in the Philharmonic choir in my school this year and we're singing this piece by Dr.Z Randall Stroope that is just gorgeous! It has words by Sara Teasdale and is one of the most beautiful pieces of Literature I've heard! So here is the link to it because I know that you all will appreciate the awesomeness of it!


Enjoy!! And I highly suggest looking at Stroopes website and listening to his other pieces. I recommend Amor de mi Alma. That one is also beautiful!
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[08 Sep 2007|12:15pm]


Could You please listen and leave some feedback? You have to join but I just want some consrtucive comments!


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tongue relaxing exercises [27 Jul 2007|11:19pm]

Hey! I was wondering if you guys knew any good exercises for relaxing the back of the tongue?
If so could you please share them?
Thanks, Anna
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[11 Apr 2007|08:34pm]

Name (or what you want to be known as to us): Ally, but I'll answer to just about anything, LOL.

Singing experience: Oh, jeez.  I'm a C soprano and I've been singing since I can remember, I've sung in chorus since the first grade (I'm in 9th now), and in elementary school, I was in show choir, Free Spirit, and I was in Nebraska Childrens Chorus (Laudate) for two years (through 6th and 7th grade), and I toured around Nebraska with them, as well as to Chicago and Kansas City - we sang at Worlds of Fun! In 8th grade, I did swing choir called Bravo, and now I'm in high school - my freshman year, I did junior chorus (all freshmen have to), as well as a select vocal jazz ensemble, and next year, I'm singing in our Bel Canto chamber choir. Exciting!

Whoo. That was a long-winded summary, hehe.
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[08 Apr 2007|05:45pm]

So I'm a vocal performance major and I'm looking for this piece my teacher suggested that isn't in my local music library. Has anyone heard or does anyone know where I could find 'tired' by Ralph Vaughan Williams is part of the last four songs. Any input would be great.


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[04 Mar 2007|07:43pm]



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holding notes [19 Feb 2007|11:47pm]

I was wondering if any one could offer me some advice on this topic

I have a small problem with sounding shrill when i hold notes.I cant figure out what the problem is since I am breathing from my diaphram, using the proper posture and opening my mouth vertically not horizontialy. Can anybody suggest what might be my problem?

thank you

x-posted to _singers_
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[19 Feb 2007|11:37pm]

Name (or what you want to be known as to us):Anna
Singing experience:I have always loved to sing but i only joined a choir about 3 years ago. I continued singing in that choir for the next year and i began voice lessons.The next year i was unable to fit the choir into my schedule and i stopped voice lessons for around half a year and then began to take voice/piano lessons in the early winter. This year I am in a choir and continue voice and piano lessons which i really enjoy. I am a 2nd suprano but i have a large range and i sound best and am most comfortable singing high alto songs. I am a decent singers but i have hit a plateau and i feel a little hopeless.

What languages have you all sang in?
italian, latin,english(including old english),spanish,and an african language which i dont know the name of

*I appreciate other people's insight and I am very happy to have found and joined this community
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1st Annual DC Zombie Lurch [08 Oct 2006|12:20am]

[ mood | working ]

Greetings! I hope I'm not intruding in any way! I just wanted to let you all know about an event I'm organizing, and hope that you can come!
You are cordially invited to become part of our horde, @ 1st Annual DC Zombie Lurch!! :DCollapse )

Want more info? Check out our web site, our LiveJournal community, our MySpace group, or our solo MySpace page! Plus, if you want to spread the news about our event via "word-of-mouth," feel free to post this banner in your LJ, MySpace, or other web page! :D

Thanks, and hope to see you there!!

(Cross-posted like mad, for appropriate venues.)

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[01 Oct 2006|07:13pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

Name (or what you want to be known as to us): Ichi. My nickname ;)
Singing experience: I've wanted to sing since I first heard Celine Dion when I was about 8. I managed to convince my mom to get me singing lessons when I was in 7th grade, but I quit because it wasn't giving me what I wanted (it wasn't really classical singing, it was more pop :/). Then, two years ago, my family went to see the 2004 Phantom of the Opera movie (they'd all seen the musical before and love both it and the movie), and my mom told me I'd love it. So, I took the OLC soundtrack and listened to it and was absolutely amazed by how easily Sarah Brightman hit those high notes ;). Ever since that, I've been wanting to get singing lessons again. I FINALLY managed to find a teacher this August and have been taking lessons for the past month. 

I've only had three lessons, but I am having trouble using air to hit high notes. I get scared and start straining. Could anybody give me some advice? 

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[01 Oct 2006|07:30pm]

I've searched tons of sites, and can't really find answers, so I figured I'd check here

How can I tell if I have vocal nodes? I think I might, but I want more clues before I spend the cash to go to a doctors and find for sure
When I'm singing low my voice gets kinda raspy and cracky
and just sort of dies sometimes
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New! [19 Sep 2006|11:53pm]

Name (or what you want to be known as to us): Sammy
Singing experience: I sing in musicals at school. I'm taking Higher music this year in school and plan to take Advanced Higher next year. You have to have 2 instuments, mine are classical guitar and voice. So yes, hopefully all should go well. My music teacher is entering me in a singing competition this year called "Songs from the Shows". I'm hoping to do one of my Higher pieces, "Movie in my mind" from "Miss Siagon". So yeah, I rather lean towards the musicals. I like songs from musicals. Also, me and my twinnie and my besty friendy Mary  sing all sorts of different stuff from Oasis and the Beatles to Disney! Woo, Newsies rock!

So yes, hi. I'll post some stuff later if I can remember!


EDIT: Ahaha! I've just realised that this is Mary's community! Haha how weird is that? Oh well, see you tomorrow Maze!
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[06 Jul 2006|12:38am]
i've been singing about 5 months now. i have breathing down, but my pitch just isn't coming together. some days it feels like it's gotten better and but other days not at all. i sing 14 notes chromatically and then sing every interval forwards and backwards up to an octave. then i sing major arpeggions up and down and minor arpeggios up and down. after 5 months of this, an hour or more a day, my pitch still hasn't gotten good enough to sing ANY song! this is just making me depressed, i feel like i'll never learn to sing at this point. how can i improve my pitch in ways that i'm not doing already?
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TOURING SINGER NEEDS HELP [13 Jun 2006|11:03pm]

Thanks in advance for reading this. I need some advice.

I am in a touring band.
So far this year we toured for 2 months. I am about to embark on a 2 MONTH Tour and I need some help. In January, Febuary, and March of this year I burnt myself out badly due to constant recording and touring. I am now trying to prevent this by studying Voice for the first time.

The first person I sought after has been tayloring DVD lessons for my specific needs. He has me breathing out air gently and making ZZZZZ sounds at a soft volume. Sliding an EEEEE Sound up chromatically in 3rds, and he has me hold my Tounge and relax my Jaw/Tounge and sing scales with LA GA sounds.

The other person I am learning from says this is all bullshit and that by singing with AIR passing through my chords I will ruin them and get hoarse/burn out. HE has me bending over and exhaling into my head, and he has me hold in my lower abdomen/ "GUT". He says by holding in the GUT you bypass the use of air and sing "naturally". Basically he wants my lower abdomen to breath in for me and exhale. He claims no air should be used to make sound.

Both teachings completely conflict, and the GUT one is super foreign/ALIEN to me. I do want to protect my voice as much as a "ROCK" singer can. Although I belt and Scream during songs, I really do like to sing in falcetto and quietly. I do not want to ruin my voice making that not possible.

What the hell should I do. Who is right, and what would you guys suggest.
What are things that you learn, and what techniques are you taught for what you do?

Thanks a Lot.
I appreciate all your time.

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[06 Jun 2006|09:56am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi! My name is Erin and I am only a sophmore, so my singing skills arent fantastic yet, but I hope to accomplish them more. I am an alto just like my big sister who was in our schools madrigal choir her junior and senior years. I come from a HUGE family of singers. My parents, older brother and three older sisters were all in choir. I took choir in kindergarten to sixth grade where I was in the honor choir. It was REALLY corny cause we did a lot of coralography! Then I didnt do choir in 7th and 8th grade because I was takeing orchestra. My ninth grade choir experience was in a chamber choir and this next year I will be in chonsanettes (sp??) an all girls choir. I LOVE singing soooo much and i spend almost all of my time listening to some kind of music.

I was also wondering If any one had sheet music to 'Unknown Woman'. It was sang by my sister last year so I dont know the composers name, but it is a satb arangment. If that helps at all. If you think you have it, please let me know! thanks a bunch!

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[18 May 2006|09:09pm]


My name is Jessica, I'm a Soprano from Rhode Island and I'm new to this community

Singing Experience

I've been singing, forever pretty much. I've been in some form of chorus since the 1st grade. I've sung with Rhode Island All State Senior chorus two years in a row. I sang with the Junior Providence Singers for 3 as well as the Providence Singers. I sing with my high school chorus and in after school choral ensemble. With my school I've sung at the Madeline church in Paris, France(Once the home of Faure), Santa Croce Cathedrale in Florence, Italy(Which houses the tomb of Rossini), and Saint Marks Cathedrale in Venice, Italy. With the Junior Providence Singers I have sung at Carnegie hall with the Rhode Island Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and Wind Ensemble and on the weekend edition of the Today Show on NBC. I've studied privately on and off for 3 years. For solo works I have performed Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod), Voi Che Sapete (Mozart), Summertime (Gershwin), Pie Jesu (Andrew Lloyd Weber) along with many other italian and french art songs. I am entering Ithaca college in the fall as a voice performance major and hope to go to Boston University for my masters. I am currently working on the Rachmaninov Vespers for June so I have my hands pretty full with that.

I'm just glad to find a community dedicated to singers<3!
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[18 May 2006|12:44pm]

hi, my name is joey. i'm 27, a classically trained singer for at least seven years, and although i like singing opera, choral music is my true passion.

choir stuff!Collapse )
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