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"No man can kill me..."

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Monday, September 26th, 2005
7:05 pm - This is what this community is for...

Ah-ha..the perfect opportunity to use my community. Men suck! Seriously..well...maybe not all men, but a good majority of them that I have met in my lifetime sure do. Recently a good friend of mine got married. Actually in April or May of this year I believe. Now she is a couple of months pregnant...well...last week, guess who asks for a divorce? For no apparent reason. He says he loves her, but he doesn't want to be with her. What kind of thing is that to say? JERK! I have also quite recently had run ins with my fair share of jerks and I know many many other women who have also. This is too much!

Okay..sorry..I needed a quick vent, lol.

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Monday, May 9th, 2005
7:48 pm - This shit is Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Men suck!

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Sunday, September 19th, 2004
6:58 pm - I thought this would be fun to do for everyone in the community!

Your Hippie Chick Name is: Journey

Your Hippie Chick Name is: Autumn

Your Hippie Chick Name is: Saffron

Your Hippie Chick Name is: Morning

Your Hippie Chick Name is: Magnolia

Your Hippie Chick Name is: Solstice

Your Hippie Chick Name is: Revelation


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Saturday, June 5th, 2004
6:07 pm - My story..

Okay..people are always asking me "Why are you the feminist that you are? What caused you to be this way? Do you have a reason? Do you hate men?" Well for one thing I do not hate men. Not at all. I just want to encourage EQUAL rights. I'm not saying women should rule the world. I'm saying that we should work together. Men and women in a partnership. No one gender above the other. Perhaps I must admit that I am a tad bit too persistent in my methods, but I really wanna work at this. When I was younger I grew up in a household where daddy was boss. My mum didn't work. My father brought home the living and therefore he was king. They'd fight and he'd holler at my mother. He'd tell her without him she wouldn't have a "pot to piss in". He'd tell her she was nothing. He'd threaten to leave. He'd hit her and shove her into walls. It wasn't the greatest environment. My father drank too much and thought he was too big and bad for his own good. He cheated on my mother, he yelled at her, he made her feel awful about herself. I don't wanna put myself in that position when I'm older. I wanna be independent. I wanna work as hard as I can to not have a life like that. I wanna be strong. I don't want the man to bring home the living for me when I can do it myself and will never let a man make me feel like I am nothing because I am a woman. Does this make sense to anyone, lol? I just felt that for once I should actually explain to show that yes, THERE IS METHOD TO MY MADNESS!!!

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004
1:01 am

Wow, it's been forever since any of us have posted in here. Okay, I have a question..

Let say a guy is extremely polite. He believes that all women should be treated with respect. But he also believes that he should not cuss in front of them, or joke around with the guys in front of them. Pretty much, not showing their true colors..

I think it's really sweet that someone is so willing to respect a lady, but I'd rather be treated as an equal than have someone hide their true self from me..

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Monday, April 12th, 2004
4:24 pm

you see this man, ladies? he is the leader of all chauvinists [or at least in crystal river high]. beware. he happens to also be a friend of mine called devin. lol

by the way, my name is neyda and i'm new this community. weeee!

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Sunday, April 4th, 2004
1:19 am - Hot Damn..idiots...

I'm sorry, but I found this way to amusing to just not post it. What the heck? We're a freakin' feminist community...arghhh....

This community is 61% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

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Friday, April 2nd, 2004
10:42 pm - *sigh*

Hmmm...how many of you have ever run into this before:

"When I eventually met Mr. Right I had no idea that his first name was Always."
-Rita Rudner.

*sigh* just curious...lol

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3:47 pm

A few weeks ago there was an article in the paper about President Bush. He wants to start opening sane-sex private schools. Although something was passed back in either the 80's or early 90's saying you cannot segregate schools by gender unless the same guidelines are given to both. I know this topic goes both ways. But what to you all think?

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Thursday, April 1st, 2004
8:41 pm - A female president.......

I think the world would be a better place if we had a female president.Men are always quick to make their decisions,and that is'nt always a good thing.I think women would think before doing something drastic,like starting a war.Hillary Clinton made most of the decisions for Bill Clinton,while he was off cheating on her!I think women tend to make better decisions then men.I would definately support a female running for president,but I don't know how mant men would.......


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8:30 pm - Hmm...

I'd like to pose a question to all of you. I'd like to hear what all of your thoughts on this are. Don't be afraid to speak up. Question: If a female ran for president would you support her if she had a fully functional campaign, good moral values, was fully qualified, had good intentions, and wanted what was best for her country? Or would you fear change? Would you pull that "Woman are too emotional for anything like that." b/s? How would you feel about this?

I say: If someone is fully qualified for something and wants what’s best they should be supported, regardless of gender. Of course I'd support her. All the more power to her! I'd praise her for having the guts considering the fact that even though we live in this present day and age where standards should be set equally, they are still not in some aspects.

Thank you,

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12:14 am - Armed Forces

Issue among us today: Women in Armed Forces.

As far as Armed Forces go (my opinion), I think females, if they know what they are doing, and want to be on ground force, they should be allowed.
They normally won't let women be in combat like that because they're more at risk. Like rape for example. The men are normally beaten for information and killed. While women are left for the worst treatment above all.
Even then, that's still risky. But people live for the excitement. It's their life, let them die the way they want.


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Wednesday, March 31st, 2004
8:26 pm - The anti-male community eh?!?!

Wow......a feminist community......cool!*hehe*


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4:48 pm - My first post..

I just wanted to let you guys (GIRLS!!) know I joined the community. Great thing you're doing Monika. Spread the equality!

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
11:49 pm - Hey hey...

Hey hey all!
Welcome to my community. There will not be very much posted into this entry because it's late, but I'd like to take a brief moment to thank the absolutely wonderful Miss Shade for helping me out. You truly are a bloody genius, eh?! Thank you much, you!
Anyways, all I really wanted to do was welcome you to my little ol' community here. The reason I started this nice little community is to get the message out. In case you have not noticed, this is a feminist community. My goal is to speak out about woman's issues and at the same time fight oppression and sexism. We've been treated badly for way too long, ladies and it's our turn to speak up. So let's do this right. *tips hat* Thanks for the support.


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11:13 pm

Heyhey. First Post. lol.

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