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GOT: the watch

icooons and a wallpaper

Icons :D and a Game of Thrones wallpaper (Daenerys/Jon Snow)


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01 - 13: game of thrones
14 - 18: downton abbey
19 - 23: 500 days of summer
24 - 28: doctor who

a daenerys/jon snow wallpaper, it's 1680x1050, feel free to resize and cut to whatever size you need. i would have done it myself but i'm having trouble with my photoshop for some reason :S.

i'm also thinking of taking another maker into the community (over 1000 watchers so yay), because i feel alone being the only member of a community. let me know (through a private message please) if you'd like to be considered for it.
BH: mitchell/annie

icons + wallpaper + some scans

ok, here i am, after a "brief pause". first of all, thanx everyone for sticking around even though this community hasn't been very active lately.

second, i made some Doctor Who S5 icons, just a couple of them, 10. they're nothing brilliant, i've just been playing around with new photoshop cs5 and they came out. also made a Who wallpaper, hope you guys like it.

and another thing, i'm posting some of the stock images i scanned over the time, hope someone gets some use out of them!


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next up i have icons of period dramas, i made some north&south, sense and sensibility, tess of durbervilles, some emma...i'll be posting those sometimes soon.


1200x800 | 1280x1024 | 1024x768 | 1680x1050
resources are in my resource post

textless icons are not bases. as usually, credit is optional, and comments are nice.
BH: mitchell/annie

no happy endings: edward/bella wallpaper

first off, i have to thank you all, WE HAVE 1005 WATCHERS!
now. the first piece i made in AGES. it's based on my layout, but i'll probably base my layout on it now. it's also very happy, and if you didn't know better you'd think edward/bella wasn't a vampire story, and jacob doesn't even exist.

1280x1024 | 1024x768 | 800x600

edward: gaspard ulliel
bella: maria valverde
textures: killmotion, apletooth, me
font: sudestada
quote: "There are no happy endings, because nothing ends." - The Last Unicorn

anyways, i hope everyone likes :D.

i have a very special person to thank for helping me make this. no_delusion THANK SO MUCH!
HMC: Sofi&Howl

twilight: an edward/bella fanmix :D

i'm quite a virgin at fanmixes :D. but here it goes...

full sized cover art and links under the cut...
click on the cover art to download everything, or click on each song - art to download songs separately...

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extra songs that i think match edward/bella so well but was rather lazy and uninspired to keep making art :S :D

also, here's the wallpaper that started out as cover art for the fanmix but i liked it to much to keep it just cover art...!!!

1280x1024 - 1024x768 - 800x600

no icons because well..i don't know. i didn't feel like making icons :S. however, i did make icons out of fanmix art...if that counts...


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comments are SO MUCH LOVE, since this is my first attempt at making a fanmix :D.
credit is optional for icons - as usually.

edit: here is the ZIP file of songs ONLY.

all downloadable files have been taken down!
BH: mitchell/annie

it was about time

so i'm guessing it was about time i made some icons. well at least it was about time i posted the ones i made ages ago.

i have finished requests but not all of them since i just had no inspiration to work with some pictures.

aside from those, i have made princess bride, the constant gardener, pride and prejudice, romeo and juliet, lost in translation and some more random icons too. i think :S. oh and a star wars wallpaper.

anyways, here they all are - 101 altogether:


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01 - 09 : veronica mars
10 - 15 : lost
16 - 24 : prison break
25 - 27 : heroes
28 - 43 : pride and prejudice (2005)
44 - 62 : the princess bride
63 - 64 : naomi watts in i♥huckabees
65 - 79 : the constant gardener
80 - 86 : romeo+juliet
87 - 93 : roswell
94 - 101 : lost in translation


also, i would like to let you all know that i am working on a gigantic veronica mars s2 post (like i did with s1). and that we might be holding applications for the fifth member of the community since rachel left the comm and 5 is a nice number :D.
BH: mitchell/annie

even more prison break.

even more prison break icons.

68 prison break s1
58 prison break s2 - including 2x10 so beware spoilerphobes who haven't seen it.


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so there. i'm done with past episodes pb icons. from now on they're gonna be only of last aired episode UNLESS i run into even more pretty caps :D.
in case everyone was wondering these caps are from prisonbreak-online.com and the rendezvous ones are by me.

i've been also working on a wallpaper i don't really like, but here.

it's only in 1280x1024 since i didn't really like it.
BH: mitchell/annie

prison break icons. plus a wallpaper.

72 prison break s1 icons, plus a micheal/sara wallpaper
icons are mostly centered on michael, sara and michael/sara


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1280x1024 | 1024x768 | 800x600

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pics: michaelandsara.org
lyrics: fiona apple - i know
textures: mine all mine

hope everyone likes.