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icons + wallpaper + some scans

ok, here i am, after a "brief pause". first of all, thanx everyone for sticking around even though this community hasn't been very active lately.

second, i made some Doctor Who S5 icons, just a couple of them, 10. they're nothing brilliant, i've just been playing around with new photoshop cs5 and they came out. also made a Who wallpaper, hope you guys like it.

and another thing, i'm posting some of the stock images i scanned over the time, hope someone gets some use out of them!


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next up i have icons of period dramas, i made some north&south, sense and sensibility, tess of durbervilles, some emma...i'll be posting those sometimes soon.


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resources are in my resource post

textless icons are not bases. as usually, credit is optional, and comments are nice.