Tags: pairings: michael/sara

BH: mitchell/annie

even more prison break.

even more prison break icons.

68 prison break s1
58 prison break s2 - including 2x10 so beware spoilerphobes who haven't seen it.


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so there. i'm done with past episodes pb icons. from now on they're gonna be only of last aired episode UNLESS i run into even more pretty caps :D.
in case everyone was wondering these caps are from prisonbreak-online.com and the rendezvous ones are by me.

i've been also working on a wallpaper i don't really like, but here.

it's only in 1280x1024 since i didn't really like it.
BH: mitchell/annie

prison break icons. plus a wallpaper.

72 prison break s1 icons, plus a micheal/sara wallpaper
icons are mostly centered on michael, sara and michael/sara


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1280x1024 | 1024x768 | 800x600

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pics: michaelandsara.org
lyrics: fiona apple - i know
textures: mine all mine

hope everyone likes.