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it was about time

so i'm guessing it was about time i made some icons. well at least it was about time i posted the ones i made ages ago.

i have finished requests but not all of them since i just had no inspiration to work with some pictures.

aside from those, i have made princess bride, the constant gardener, pride and prejudice, romeo and juliet, lost in translation and some more random icons too. i think :S. oh and a star wars wallpaper.

anyways, here they all are - 101 altogether:


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01 - 09 : veronica mars
10 - 15 : lost
16 - 24 : prison break
25 - 27 : heroes
28 - 43 : pride and prejudice (2005)
44 - 62 : the princess bride
63 - 64 : naomi watts in i♥huckabees
65 - 79 : the constant gardener
80 - 86 : romeo+juliet
87 - 93 : roswell
94 - 101 : lost in translation


also, i would like to let you all know that i am working on a gigantic veronica mars s2 post (like i did with s1). and that we might be holding applications for the fifth member of the community since rachel left the comm and 5 is a nice number :D.
BH: mitchell/annie

wallies: hayden, sw

here are some hayden wallies i *tried* to make last night...
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hope you guys like :) they pretty mcuh look teh same, but the perfection didn't start as a wallpaper and i couldn't make it bigger than 800x600 so i made another one i can use....

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BH: mitchell/annie

The Disappearicons 50 Binge!, Star Wars pt icons

Well i'm just gonna post them alltogether:
Same rules apply...
and yes i knwo you totally think im a freak now....can you tell ive got nothign better to do?166 Star Wars PT icons, of which 50 AOTC are for disappearicons</span>

/ /

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and please, PLEASE, comment, and please, PLEASE don't hotlink!!!
credit is awesome too!!!
luv yall
ETA: oh and i totally forgot.....x0padme0x thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for teh caps you provided.....what would i do without you....?