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HMC: Sofi&Howl

40 movies icons

brick, tristan+isolde, the king, stay, grease, love story, cry baby, duel

textless icons aren't bases, credit is optional, comments are ♥



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01 - 07 : love story
08 - 12 : isolde (from tristan+isolde)
13 - 15 : grease
16 - 30 : brick
31 - 33 : cry baby
34 - 36 : steven spielberg's duel
37 - 38 : stay
39 - 40 : the king
BH: mitchell/annie

18 grease and 30 romeo+juliet icons

first, i'd like to announce that we have a new member here at _sinelinea
it's autofade, a very talented lil girl who likes scary movies :D. welcome christina!

now, onto icons. i wanted to make grease icons so bad, and yay now i have. but i went a little crazy with romeo+juliet icons and well...got a lot of them. variations too. some of them suck cause it took me a while to figure out what was the best coloring or them. but some may like them :D.


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i still have to post bridget jones, new garden state, and some misc icons, and titanic icons are on their way :D
hope everyone like these :D

comments are nice, hotlinking is bad, credit when there's credit due :D


if these stop working tell em and ill reupload. picsplace is being wonky