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Natalie Portman - Full set (Icons, layout, wallpaper)

My first post and I'm extremely nervous because an insane amount of people are watching us and I feel honoured and flattered but above all really frightened. I have for you a fully coded layout (S1), useable for both free accounts and paid ones, plus a matching wallpaper and seven matching icons behind the cut, all featuring Natalie Portman. Please download the zip file if you wish to use the layout, it contains all the information you need. Textures from Tre and Thia. The brushes are all mine.


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BH: mitchell/annie

41 Natalie portman icons

well i've made 41 Natalie Portman icons (so what else is new?)
the thing is...somewhere in teh middle of icon making it just came to me...DO SOMETHING NEW....
and you can actually see the transition, cause i always post my icons chronologically :)

anyways for one of teh icons i thought it was really cool idea for a wallpaper too so i made a matching wallie :)


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