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MERLIN: knight in shining armour

55 icons :)

i made some icons, yay :D considering i am trying to get back into icon making i'd say some of these are hit&miss. i am done with uni earlier this year which means i have all summer and autumn to make icons icons icons. and with all these pretty shows it's hard not to. anyways, here they are.


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01 - 10: friday night lights
11 - 22: once upon a time
23 - 37: merlin
38 - 41: carnivale
42 - 45: veronica mars
46 - 50: emma (2009)
51 - 55: icon_crack entries (misfits, beyonce, howl's moving castle, katy perry, radiohead)

i have updated my resources so hopefully everyone is listed now.
i have also updated affiliates list, which is sadly very small now, after checking if those communities/journals are still alive.
GOT: the watch

icooons and a wallpaper

Icons :D and a Game of Thrones wallpaper (Daenerys/Jon Snow)


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01 - 13: game of thrones
14 - 18: downton abbey
19 - 23: 500 days of summer
24 - 28: doctor who

a daenerys/jon snow wallpaper, it's 1680x1050, feel free to resize and cut to whatever size you need. i would have done it myself but i'm having trouble with my photoshop for some reason :S.

i'm also thinking of taking another maker into the community (over 1000 watchers so yay), because i feel alone being the only member of a community. let me know (through a private message please) if you'd like to be considered for it.
BH: mitchell/annie

icons yay

finally posting some icons :D the hour, fringe and luther (s1)


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01 - 16: the hour
17 - 26: luther s1
27 - 44: fringe (random)

these have all been made during different periods so that's why they differ in quality and style :S. i think fringe ones are not that great at all :S but i'm still posting them.

i think everyone should watch the hour Collapse )
BH: mitchell/annie

merlin, emma, north&south

So, as promised, some n&s and emma icons...and i also got merlin happy and made a lot of merlin icons. unfortunately, they're all sort of scattered (as i didn't save the caps in my usual manner) but it really doesn't matter much what episode the caps are from...

another thing, i did say i made tess of d'urbervilles icons, and i did, but after further inspection i've come to the conclusion that i hated them (mostly because my caps were not in good proportions and they were small, plus i wasn't in iconny mood, but bigger caps would have helped). so if anyone knows where i can get some good tess screencaptures, i'll be grateful forever. i probably shouldn't post the n&s icons either, but i will, lol.

and now, icons.

01 - 15: emma (2009. mostly romola garai)
16 - 51: merlin (both S1 and S2)
52 - 57: north&south
58 - 63: doctor who


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as usually, credit is optional. textless icons are not bases.
hope someone likes these.
BH: mitchell/annie

icons + wallpaper + some scans

ok, here i am, after a "brief pause". first of all, thanx everyone for sticking around even though this community hasn't been very active lately.

second, i made some Doctor Who S5 icons, just a couple of them, 10. they're nothing brilliant, i've just been playing around with new photoshop cs5 and they came out. also made a Who wallpaper, hope you guys like it.

and another thing, i'm posting some of the stock images i scanned over the time, hope someone gets some use out of them!


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next up i have icons of period dramas, i made some north&south, sense and sensibility, tess of durbervilles, some emma...i'll be posting those sometimes soon.


1200x800 | 1280x1024 | 1024x768 | 1680x1050
resources are in my resource post

textless icons are not bases. as usually, credit is optional, and comments are nice.