A. (brasaremean) wrote in _sinelinea,

Movies: Vanity Fair

531 caps of Robert Pattison in a deleted scene of Vanity Fair.
Hope some fans out there will be satisfied. quality is only so-so but i don't know if it's cause of my dvd or cause its like that by nature.

ISN'T HE TEH HOTNESS?????!!!!!! take that you RP-haters!

download - around 17 megs (which took ages to upload!)
also, would anyone be willing to host these on their domain or smthn? cause i guess if there arent any posted yet these will be very popular :)

credit really isn't neccessary (i don't get the crediting thing for caps, anyone can make caps and theyll all be the same) but you can help me out by checking this post out. Thanx in advance :)
Tags: !brasaremean, type: caps

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