November 12th, 2005

BH: mitchell/annie

Garden State

k here goes..
i watch garden state every 4 days (if nto more)
it's just the kind of movie that makes you THINK!!!!
and natalie is just gorgeous, she really makes this movie special...
zach is awesome too, i mean being a writer, a producer and the lead
actor of the same god knows all the things he had to go
through to make this movie so perfect....
anyways enough with my blabbering, here are some icons....

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i totally don't think these are anything they seem kinda different from anything else i've done....
BH: mitchell/annie

The Disappearicons 50 Binge!, Star Wars pt icons

Well i'm just gonna post them alltogether:
Same rules apply...
and yes i knwo you totally think im a freak now....can you tell ive got nothign better to do?166 Star Wars PT icons, of which 50 AOTC are for disappearicons</span>

/ /

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and please, PLEASE, comment, and please, PLEASE don't hotlink!!!
credit is awesome too!!!
luv yall
ETA: oh and i totally forgot.....x0padme0x thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for teh caps you provided.....what would i do without you....?
BH: mitchell/annie

41 Natalie portman icons

well i've made 41 Natalie Portman icons (so what else is new?)
the thing is...somewhere in teh middle of icon making it just came to me...DO SOMETHING NEW....
and you can actually see the transition, cause i always post my icons chronologically :)

anyways for one of teh icons i thought it was really cool idea for a wallpaper too so i made a matching wallie :)


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BH: mitchell/annie

29 the notebook icons

I made....29 notebook icons, plus I'm adding some of the icons i made since my last icon post...
so there will be 32 icons.
i'm not very impressed with these. a lot of white space and no creativity AT ALL.

but some of you might like it. theyre not very...usual. i mean the notebook icons.
anyways, here they are and you knwo the t/c/c (take/comment/credit) drill :)

x x

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BH: mitchell/annie

15 VM icons

15 VM icons, like i said. i know, thyre SO unoriginal. i cant help
myself. im so screwed. i think i lost my inspiration somewhere between
all those dead bodies. dammit!!!

anyways, join art_battle - you knwo what that is. also, join loveholics if you're a logan/veronica shipper. i cant help it :) i have to pimp. i pimp like crazy. im so screwed. again.

x x

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BH: mitchell/annie

interest icons: all done

well, i'm all done. everyone got one, whoever commented on my post.
that includes those who said "i guess i'm too late but if you feel liek
making some more..." well, i felt liek making some more.
i have two cats: shareable and non shareable.
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I'm like, REALLY SORRY if someone got what they didn't want, you're not
obliged to use them, i just had some fun making them, that's all :)
BH: mitchell/annie

wallies: hayden, sw

here are some hayden wallies i *tried* to make last night...
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hope you guys like :) they pretty mcuh look teh same, but the perfection didn't start as a wallpaper and i couldn't make it bigger than 800x600 so i made another one i can use....

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BH: mitchell/annie

Heather Marks and random photoshoot wallpapers

Ok, for some WEIRD reason the old link wasn't working.
so here's my wallie again.
along with a new one i made. see how being away from ps can restore your inspiration. beauty. well, not really...

so yea, decadence features Heather Marks and it's my entry over at creative challenge.
the second idea i actually found teh pci somewhere on my computer and used it cause its so gorgeous.

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BH: mitchell/annie

Full PS HEADER tutorial

Ok, so i promised I'll make a tutorial for a header.
I really tried to use all of the elements i usually use in making wallpapers, headers or any other over 100x100 graphic :)

So, we'll be making (no surprise there since its got Natalie) a Garden State header:

the real header is bigger
also, it's ultra image-heavy and it's not begginer-friendly.
i wont answer questions like "how do i make a new layer?" and "how do i set it to soft light?"
and i definitely wont answer "how do i make a gradient?" since i made a tutorial for that and it's in my memories (just browse uncategorized)

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