A. (brasaremean) wrote in _sinelinea,

Full PS icon tutorial

for this icon:

*ok so i have two screencaps (THANK YOU JANE)

*combining them i got my base...thsi wasn't blend, just plain
rectangular marquee tool in action, you don't need any extra knowledge
for it

*to brighten it up a bit, i duplicated a LOT of times and set them all
to screen, cept the one on top which was set to soft light and

it seems a bit bright but its ok actually

*exclusion layer #0d004c,right underneath the soft light layer

*using the rectangular marquee tool (RMT in future) i selected a bit between teh two images and filled them white

*gradient set to lighten

*gradient, set to multiply

*gradient, color burn

*same gradient set to color 20%

*using teh RMT select the the top and the bottom parts (small) make a new layer and fill with black

*light texture, i think imade it using the brush and teh blur tool, set to screen

and there's the icon.
i added some text tot he original ones, btu be honest it looks awful with text

Tags: !brasaremean, type: tutorials
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