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Full PS icon tutorial

Icon tutorial for this icon:

Here's my screencap (thanks to natalie-portman.org)

* So make your base (what i did is this, cropped, sharpened, blurred
teh face a bit, added a white border around it, to make it 100x100,
then flattened teh thing, then, duplicated 4 times, set them all to
screen, and on fourth, i went to brightness/contrast and increased teh
contrast a bit, then duplicated teh base again, set it on top to soft
light and desaturated it...and theres' my base.

*Floodfill #efe1c1, Multiply, 100%

*Gradient, Color burn, 60%

*Same gradient, just rotate it, Color, 20%

*Light texture (___shousei), Screen, 100%

*Gradient, Multiply, 60%

* Floodfill #fff799, Multiply, 30%

* Duplicate the blue color layer, set it on top, and increase the opacity to 20%

* Duplicate the base, set it on top, Screen, 50%

*now, select the 1px border around teh icon...goto selection/inverse,
flatten the icon, and made alayer out of the bacground layer (just
double click it), goto selection/modify/smooth enter value 5 and hit
enter....then hit delete. add sum text and thats it

well..have fun with thsi tut...
Tags: !brasaremean, type: tutorials
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