Jessica and Ashley Simpson

Got stains on my teeshirt and I'm in this skin.

_Simpson Sisters.
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The Rules.
-Filling out an application.
1.Bold the questions. (Not the answers!)
2.Appropriate pictures and answers.
3.No attitudes toward other members.
4.State your own opinion but no fighting.
5.You must write one entry atleast every week.
6.You must participate.
7.LJ Cuts for applications or long entries pics etc.
8.Must be atleast 15 to join.
9.Must like either Jessica Simpson or Ashlee Simpson.

Basic info
1.What is your full name?
2.Where are you from?
3.How old are you?

1.What is your favorite color?
2.What are your favorite actors/actresses?
3.Top five favorites bands?
4.What are your top five favorite solo singers?
5.What type of music do you prefer?
6.What are your favorite songs (5)?
7.What is your favorite book?
8.Favorite movie?
9.What is your favorite store to shop at?

Opinions? (State why or why not and explain FULLY)
2.Drugs and alcohol?
4.Gay marriage?
5.Death penalty?
6.The war going on?
7.Love at first sight?
8.The homeless?

Ashlee and Jessica Simpson?
1.Which sister do you prefer most and why?
2.What are your favorite songs by both (Name one for each).
3.What is your one favorite lyric from both these sisters?
4.Which show do you prefer (Newlyweds or Ashlee Simpson show?) Why?

Lastly put in atleast 3 good photographs of yourself.

Thanks for applying!
I'll let you know about the community!
And when you answer these questions think clearly and state the truth! :-D.