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Freak Is Forever

Let It Shine

Simply Freak
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome To Simply Freak! This is a rating community unlike any other. It's not about wether you're "Hot Or Not" or "teh s3x" nope. All that matters is you and your quirks.

To apply you just need to fill out this nice pretty survey.

Where You Live:
Strange Nickname: [note, you will be called by this nickname so make sure you like it. If it's not quite up to the weird parr, you will be assigned another one. Don't worry, we're nice]
Length Of Big Toe: [Metric or Standard will be alright, your Mod's are from both sides of the world]

Weird Much?
Most Embaressing Moment:
Dumbest/Weirdest Thing Ever Done:
Scar Stories: [if you dont have any scars tell us about some strange injury. For example: setting yourself on fire, falling down stairs, being bitten by raccoons...]
Favorite Murder Weapon:
Favorite Utensil:
Closet Obsessions (don't worry, you can tell us, Anja likes Hanson and Kate is a pervy old man lover):

Tacos or Pizza:
Popsicles or Ice Cream:
Ketchup or Mustard:
Coconuts or Horses:
Head Trauma or Fish Slapping:
Pink Hair or No Hair:
Mom or Mum:
Melvin or Ernest:

[We'd like one picture of you (weird or not) and a random picture from Google or somthing, please, keep it clean. But if you'd like to blend your two pictures together to make one weird mess, by all means have at it]

Your fearless leaders

Thinking Evil Thoughts : "Yes Mr. Flower, you shall be our friend"

Art Work By Anja. Damn, I'm awesome. Almost as awesome as CHEESE!!!

Rules are pretty simple.

1. If you don't think someone is worthy of joining the clan of the freak, don't tear them apart about it. Give some reasons why and be respectful. Or we shall be forced to stab you with a rusty spork and feed you to the cheeses like a certain redhead Anja knows.
2. If you like to curse, go right ahead, but again keep in mind that respect thing.
3. There is NO rule number three.
4. If you have a problem just give us a bitch through our LJ's or somthing like that. The E-Mail listed will go to Anja. Pick and choose which you would like to use (hell yes, we can rhyme).
5. Once you have been accepted you can vote on who gets into the clan of the freak. Tis quite easy.
6. If you did somthing dumb, or saw somthing strange, this is the place to post it. You may promote your other communities, but if you abuse that privilage we will delete the posts. Yes. We. Will. We are bitches and are not afraid to be just that. So there. *argessive, yet tastefully sexy poses*
7. If you have the urge to throw a party here, go ahead, but remember if you're going to have a Head Trauma party, make sure you have the weiner plate. No party with blunt objects is complete with out party snacks!

Have Fun.



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