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Name: Hanna

Age: 16

Where You Live: Sweden

Strange Nickname: Batman.

Length Of Big Toe: About 4.5 centimeters


Weird Much?

Most Embarassing Moment: When I was in France for the second time with some friends. I'd had a pretty wild night and had gone to sleep with full make-up and tangled up hair. As I woke up, I realized I really had to go, but as this was a crappy hotel, I had to go out in the hallway to find the restrooms. I throw myself outside, only in my panties and a small T-shirt that hardly reaches my belly button, looking like a whore. I hoped that since it was kind of early no one would be outside, but no, outside of my room stands a real, true NUN, reading the BIBLE. For about three seconds, she and I stare at each other in utter disbelief. Then I slowly reach for the edge of my T-shirt in a vain attempt to pull it down so that it'll at least cover...something. She glares. In another vain attempt to stop her from damning me to the depths of hell I blurt out "Yup, I, uh...Ave Maria!". Then I run for the restroom.


Dumbest/Weirdest Thing Ever Done: When I made a bet over a national exam in English with a friend. The one who could include the word "llama" most times would win an ice cream. This means I made a bet that could've ruined my grade in English.


Scar Stories: I don't really have any scars, but I actually once managed to cut myself at a baguette. Don't ask how, all I can say is I was kind of surprised.


Favorite Murder Weapon: Chopstick. Obvious, but deadly and available at any chinese restaurant. They also come as disposables!


Favorite Utensil: Spoon. You can eat almost anything with them, it's fun to eat drinks with is and you can put them under your chin and they'll look like legs with feet!


Obsessions: Batman merchandise, stealing posters and ads from off the streets.


Closet Obsessions: I love nerds. I love them all. My ideal guy would be the one I save from eternal masturbation <3



Tacos or Pizza: Tacos

Popsicles or Ice Cream: Ice Cream

Ketchup or Mustard: Ketchup

Coconuts or Horses: Coconuts

Head Trauma or Fish Slapping: Fish Slapping

Pink Hair or No Hair: Pink Hair

Mom or Mum: Mom

Melvin or Ernest: Melvin




<img src="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a100/imnosidekick/bh.jpg" />


Random Pic:

<img src="http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a100/imnosidekick/1142610359974.jpg" />


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