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Mod Post//Which Means It's Important

Sup stinkers? Well, I don't care. So there. =P

The point of it is, I've got two new things to discuss. First of all, I think we need to pimp this place out a bit, and I mean this in the sense that we've got to get some more memebers. So this is what I'm going to do. For every 5 memebers you recruit (make sure they know to say that they came on your orders) I will make a banner of whatever you'd like just for you. If you get 10 people to come, I will come out of Layout Request Making Hybernation, and make you a layout. Yes. A Layout. Take a peek at zer0__ or walky_talky (my personal journal and my icon journal (add. pimp. add.), both of which I have made layouts for) and something like that could be yours for 10 people you send this way. I don't know if this is really incentive, but it's really all I can do, considering that I don't have the cash to give you guys a paid account or something. *shrug*

SECONDLY! I have a game for us to play, it's like online 10 fingers (regardless if you have 10 fingers or not), everyone starts out with 10, and I'm going to put something like: I have never done blah blah blah. If you've done it, then you're one point shorter, so you now have 9. And so on and so forth. Try to keep the questions in the freak related vein, but they can be totally bizarre. You don't have to comment on the entry saying that you've done whatever it is, in case it's embarrassing. So just make a post with an "I have never", and lets get the game started!

I have never peed in the shower. (Though I have thought about it a fair few times since I'm too lazy to get out of the shower to go pee.)

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Okay, so this is Anja being a TERRIBLE mod.

ianc666, I don't know how long you've been waiting for me to give you access, but you now have it. So please apply.

You know, I think I'm going to get rid of the closed membership thing, because I really keep forgetting.

Anja sucks like that. *shame*
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Hey hey hey my freakish friends. This is actually tabbycat1 under a new and improved username. Spiffy ain't it?

I was in a big Barnes and Noble in NYC and since there are 3 floors (yes, taste the booky goodness) they have escalators. Me, being the fool that I am, started walking down the up one. They guy I fell on after I jumped off wasn't too happy about that.

Anyway. Yes, there was a point to this post. It's to let gingerafros know that she now has posting access. So get that application in. Same goes for the rest who have access but havent applied yet. Get moving biznatches.

OH AND ONE MORE THING........................

Anja blows ducks is cool.
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"Y do they call "cheesecake" cheesecake cos it makes it sound like cheese on toast but in cake form. It needs a new appetising name and i think it should be u Ed that renames it. Will u accept the challenge?!?!
Sarah, 13

Ed says: Oh go on then. *Thinks* Cheesecake, cheesecake, cheesecake... OK, how about, 'White moussey stuff on biscuit base' or 'Wimostubb' for short? "A slice of cherry wimostubb, please." I think it works."

i give you crazy British-Teen-Website of EvEr stuffs!!!!!!!!
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The In's and Out's Of 2005 According the Pete Wentz.

snapping bras
panic at the disco
drama and gossip
waking up at 10am
makeup that makes you look like a girl
huge watches make your wrist hurt
phonecalls home
brutal honesty
real life friend cuts
pretending to be girls on myspace and messing with dudes who are creepy
windy city heat
saying you knew fall out boy way back when

wearing underwear
makeup that makes you look goth
going to sleep at 10am
huge belt buckles that make your waist hurt
phonecalls to ______ _____
livejournal friend cuts
being a creepy dude on myspace and sending girls messages
being friends with fall out boy now
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