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Do you have ~Simple Beauty~?

~Do you have Simple Beauty?~
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to simply beauty. This is a rating community based on inner and outer beauty, mainly on inner beauty. We can be harsh sometimes so if you can't take it dont apply. Overall we're a friendly community :)
Wonder why you were deleted from the community? Post here.

If you are going to be inactive, please post here.

-You must be at least fourteen to apply.
-You may not post anywhere in the community until you have been accepted by one of the mods.
-No Drama. Please, take it elsewhere.
-You must post your application within 24 hours of joining.
-Do not bitch or talk back if you are rejected. Deal with it.
-You cannot change/edit/delete your application.
-Your application will be up for voting for 5 days or until you have enough votes. Then you will be stamped.
-If you are rejected, you may reapply in 7 days.
-If you are from a sister community please put at the bottom that you are from a sister community. If not then you wont be given anything.
-Do not reply to every vote!! It's really freakin' annoying and hard to count votes!
-All applications/pictures must be under an lj-cut.
-Put "Do I have Simply Beauty?" in the subject line or members will not vote.
-Put anything you want as the application lj-cut link.
-Mod votes count as 2 votes!
-Please bold all the questions or answers on your app. It's easier for us.
-All applications will go into Memories.
-When accepted put your accepted banner in your User Info.

-No Drama. Please take it elsewhere.
-Any picture posts must be done under an lj-cut.
-When posting put "Stamped" in the subject line.
-Mod votes count 2 votes!
-When posting an entry in the community you must put the subject line as "Stamped//What you are posting with//+ how many points it is" Example: Stamped//10 Pictures//+10 Points
-When voting put "yes" "no" or "undecided", if you put undecided you need to decide soon!
-When voting, you may be harsh just dont take it to extremes. Also do not use the words or phrases such as "gross", "ew", "your fugly", "go commit sucide" anything relating to those.
-Always state your reason when voting on an applicant. If you do not, your vote will not be counted and your comment will be deleted.
-All applications will go into Memories so if you would like to check out other members go there!
-When accepted put your accepted banner in your User Info.
-You may promote other communities here but under an lj-cut with the subject of "Promo" and you must promote us in the other community also if you don't then it will be deleted so provide a link!
-Check out the birthdays and wish them a happy birthday! here.
-Do you want to know if someone has a Myspace, Promotion Name, or you want to go read someone's old application? Go to the Member Directory.
-Stay Active

See a list of accepted members here.
See a list of rejected members here.

-You have 4 applications to choose from.
-The Short Application is based 90% on looks, so only choose that one if you think you can handle it.
-The other 3 are just random applications. Just click on the banner to see each application. Do not go through them to see which one you like best, just pick one and fill it out :)

Dawn ♥ pinkpolkadotox
Email- hcbabydoll07@yahoo.com
Incharge of: Anything Needed

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Melanie ♥ preppy_x_bitch
Email- princessangelbabi@yahoo.com
Incharge of: Scavenger Hunts & Random Word

Image hosting by Photobucket
Kathryn ♥ thatsmarvelous
AIM- xKatx31
Email- brattykat31@hotmail.com
Incharge of: Superlatives, Challenges & Recommendations

Image hosting by Photobucket
Elisa ♥ __perfectangel
AIM- n/a
Incharge of: Top 5, Themes, Members Page & Member Directory

Each week I will post a different topic. Then you will post pictures of yourself trying to act out the topic. Like a real charades game. Then you will post the pictures and the members will have to guess what it is. The first person to guess right will get 5 points.

This week's charade is "Your Favorite Junk Food"
Post pictures of your favorite junk food.
You must include pictures of: How many words the show is, also a picture for each word (except for words like the, of, and, etc...)
You will get 10 points for participating.

Find your favorite outfit under the set price amount! 10 Points for Participating. You may only find an outfit for this weeks outfit.
You only have $100 to spend. You can't go over. If you do, you wont recieve points.
This weeks: Outfit for the First Day of School

Current Picture Theme: What would you do with a million dollars?
Explanation:Show some pictures of things you would want to do!

Current Text Theme: Your best friend
Explaination: Describe to us your best friend, why they are your best friend, what makes them your best friend etc.

You have 2 weeks to post pictures/text of the current theme. When you post the pictures/text put in subject line.."Picture Theme" or "Text Theme". After 2 weeks everyone will vote only on the picture theme. Whoever has the best, or most liked then that person will get 30 points. Themes are optional, but it lets you participate and be more active in the community.

Every week the mods will post scrambled pictures of celeberities, and you have to guess who it is. You will recieve 5 points for every correct answer, and 30 points if you guess them all correctly.
Current Guess the Celeb: here

Every week a mod will post a Top 5. You will get 10 points for partipating. Make sure you include pictures, and put TOP 5 in the subject line.

This weeks top 5 is Top 5 television shows! Make sure to include pictures

Every week there will be a new topic. Recommend something regarding this topic. You will recieve 30 points for participating. Put "Recommendation" in the subject line.

This week's topic: something fun to do on a student budget

We'll post a random word once a week. You will have to try and express the word through pictures, collages, and writing or anything. When posting put "random word:friendship" in the subject line. When participating you get 5 points. The most well-liked will recieve 30 points.

This week's random word is:MUSIC

Random Word Humor Winner: spicyfry74

Voting for Random Word:

These will be solemnly based on looks. In the entry subject line put "Fun-Challenge". Make an entry with your username vs. their user name. Post your 4 pictures of yourself then the other member will post 4 pictures of theirself. Everyone will vote, you will put whoever you think is prettier in the subject line. Entry will be up for 3 days. Whoever wins will get 30 points. If you lose the challenge, you will have to do 5 promotions to any user/community. If you do not you will have to leave the community immediately.

Use this form:

You pick someone out of the community that you think doesn't belong, because of anything. Make a post about it and include the person's name picture and application link. Then everyone will vote whether or not to keep them. If they get more yes's then they dont leave and they get an auto-accept/auto-reject. If they get more no's they leave immediately and you get a auto-accept/auto-reject.

Use this Form:

All the items must be found online. Worth 30 points.

Current Online-Hunt:

1. glass pepsi bottle
2. favorite pair of underwear
3. favorite fruit
4. favorite place you went this summer
5. a very small dog
6. pink car
7. people doing the wave
8. a turtle
9. something that reminds you of your best friend
10. your school or a school you went to

ALL items you must take a picture of yourself. It'd also be better if you were in the picture. Worth 30 points

Current Live-Hunt:

1. favorite drink
2. radio/ipod
3. something funny
4. sign [street sign, sign in your room, etc.]
5. car

Have a suggestion to make _simply_beauty even better?!?
Share your ideas, comments, and suggestions here.

All comments will be screened.

Every 2 weeks, a mod will post a debate. The debate can be about anything. You will receive 5 points for participating. This is the only place you can agrue in the community. Also you may express your opinions freely and as much as you want. If you have a problem with someones opinion, dont let it bug you. You may argue but dont take it to extremes.

Topic: Abortions found here

A list of superlatives will be posted every couple of months. Comment on each entry with your entry for each one. You will receive 10 points for participating. (you will get these points when each superlative is over). Everyone in the community will then vote on which one they like best.If yours is chosen as the winner, you will receieve 30 points.

Past Superlatives and Coming Soon Superlatives

If you have missed a superlative deadline, or joined after it ended and you think you can win it, make a post with the superlative winner's pictures and banner, the winning members lj name, and your pictures challenging the original winner. Members will then vote whether you should win or the original winner is still better. If the challenger wins they will get 30 points if the original winner still stands they will get 20 points.

Member of the Month:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Every month we will calculate up everyones points and whoever has the most at the end of the month will recieve and auto-accept/auto-reject and will be member of the month. Also, if there is a tied applicant they will be the ones that choose if they stay or go.

5 Points
-Promoting (each promotions is 5 points)
-Getting a person to apply.
-Getting a sister community/affiliate
-Written/text entry
-Participating in Guess the Theme
-Participating in Random Word
-Participating in Debates
-Participating in Cyber Shopping
-First to guess right on charades

10 Points
-Making banners/graphics
-Picture entry
-Challenge Someone
-Participating in Theme
-Participating in Daily Theme
-Participating in Contest
-Participating in Top 5
-Participating in Superlatives
-Participating in Cyber Shopping
-Making a charades post

15 Points
-Picture and Written/text Entry
-Making a salute for the community

20 Points
-Winning Cyber Shopping

25 Points
-Being Most Creative for Random Word

30 Points
-Challenge Winner
-Contest Winner
-Top 5 Winner
-Superlative Winner
-Participating in Scavenger Hunt
-Participating in Recommendations

Varied Amounts
-Participating in Guess the Celeb (possible 35 points)

How to Use Points
Make an entry in the community that says "Using Points" and then state what you are using them for.
-25 points - Auto-Reject/Auto-Accept
-75 points - - Promote a community here without promoting us there.
-300 points - Be co-mod for a week.

If you do not have 10 points by the time you have been a member for 2 weeks,
then you will be deleted from the community unless you tell us otherwise.

Use the Updated Points Page to make sure you have at least 20 points every month.
If you do not have the correct amount of points, comment here.

preppy_x_bitch 1 Auto-Accept, 1 Auto-Reject
goodgal996 1 Auto-Accept, 1 Auto-Reject
trackdork23 1 Auto-Accept, 1 Auto-Reject
tashieee 1 Auto-Accept, 1 Auto-Reject

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Link Us/Buttons
Promotional Banners
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Banned Banners
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Fun/Serious Challenge Won/Lost Banners

If you would like to be a sister community, please contact pinkpolkadotox
Also, if you are in a sister community of ours:
--If your are Mod/Co-Mod you will be auto-accepted automatically.
--If you are a member in one, you will recieve 3 extra "yes's" on your application.


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