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new app <3

Application Two

Name: Jessica
Location: small town Alabama
Sex: Female
Status: Taken by :
Image hosted by
Where did you find us: randomly looking at rating communities
5 words that describe you: nice, funny, dorky, short, cute
Most interesting thing about you: I'm vegan
If you were an animal, what would you be and why?: I'd be a dog. They seem to be so happy wiith their life. Plus their uber-cute
Why should you be accepted?: B/c I will update with pictures and participate in themes and scavenger hunts :0

Colors: pink, yellow, orange
Movies: sixteen candles, pretty in pink, the breakfast club, the notebook, moulin rouge, nemo, napoleon dynamite
Music/Bands: kelly clarkson, reggie and the full effect, kenny chesney, 50 cent, Eisley, mario, fall out boy, papa roach...i like it all :)
Books: Autumn Ashes
Shows: Makeover story, trading spaces, CSI, the barkers!
Animals: my dog malcom <3
Song and why?: My favorite song changes constantly. Its so hard to pick one. My current favorite is probably "breathe"-Anna Nalick. I love the fact that its such a mellow song and the lyrics are meaningful without being overly cheesy
Food: nething vegan!
Pastime: being with my boyfriend at the beach
Hottest Celeb: orlando bloom

Word Association
Flower: rose
Baby:madison (my new lil sis)
Yard:long (no idea why that popped in my head)
Drugs: bad
Yellow: sun
Hawaii: where i wish i was
Kansas: flat
Okra: fried
Aquamarine: blue-green

*Pick 3-4 of these to write about*
Love: Love is a great and unusual thing. It can make you believe anything. It is also very painful. I believe that when you love someone you have to expect pain. Without pain there is no love. I do not think age is an issue when it comes to love. You do not choose to love someone, it just happens. And when it does, youre in for the time of your life.
Paris Hilton:
Lindsay Lohan: For some reason I find myself reading more and more about her. I dont necessarily like her as a person. Her music I enjoy. Its catchy :) . She looks anorexic lately...could be drugs. Whatever it is, I along with everyone else can't seem to get enough of her.
Animal Cruelty: As a vegan, I DO NOT agree with animal cruelty. You, as a human, have no right to injure an animal just because you feel that you are superior. Animals have feelings and its sad that our society takes advantage of them.
Obesity: Obesity is a serious problem. Almost an epidemic. Many people do not understand obesity. Most just say "Stop eating and you wouldnt be fat". I know first hand that obesity is hard. I myself was obese. People treat you very differently as an obese person. You do your best to lose but it's not an easy task. I have sympathy for most obese people and wish that society made this soon-becoming-epademic more public.

Three (3) things that come to your mind right now: Jeffrey, my boyfriend. My dog, that just went paralyzed sunday. Going to the beach next week.
Promote us three (3) places. In your livejournal and 2 communities, and post the links:
Post atleast three (3-10) pictures of yourself:
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Post a picture 200x200 or bigger to go in the members section:
Image hosted by
Just browsing around, what 3 members/mods do you like the best and why?:
pinkpolkadotox --- her lj layout is super cute and shes cute!
summ3rxromance --- she's in the other community i applied for and she seems sweet!
vella_x --- she looks super cute in her camping pics!
Three (3) things you like/dislike/think we need to change about the community, or a suggestion:
it seems pretty active
i like the layout
Everyone seems fairly nice
What Banner would you like to have if you get accepted?:

Vote, Promote, and Participate!

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