Heart on the floor

Do I have simple beauty?

Sorry to screw people around, but I withdraw my application.
I shall leave the community and wahtever.
because it's pissing me of already. I'm not even in!
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Co-Mod//Guess the Celeb

-Only guess once per picture
-Once you have submitted your guess you cannot change it
-You must use the form posted to vote, or your points will not count
-We are screening the comments so that you can't see what anyone else guessed.
-If you and other members get it right, you all get the set about of points that the picture was worth.
-This will end next Tuesday (July 5th [the originals will be posted then])
-5 points for participating!
-This week, the pictures are a little harder and worth less points
-Last week's points and answers are here
-If you have any questions comment here :)
Guessing Form
-Use this form to guess:

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