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_simple_plan's Journal

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Simple Plan Official Community
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FAQ coming soon!

This is the first ever community made and dedicated to the band Simple Plan. If you don't know who they are... you should probably check them out. The community used to be free of rules. But over time it was decided that had to change. There aren't too many rules... but the ones that we have are for good reason.

This community is now moderated. Meaning, all posts made to the community will be screened by one of the moderators before it is allowed to go through. We will be doing our best to make sure that the posts let through comply with the rules. We know people don't enjoy having their friends lists cluttered with useless things, so this option helps to monitor that.
For the time being, the community is unmoderated. Please do not take advantage of this.

Here are the rules. Please be sure to follow them to help keep this community running well.

1.) Please only make Simple Plan related posts.
No one really wants to know about your cat or what you had for breakfast today. Keep that for your own journal. Don't talk about other bands on here -- that's what they have their own communities for. If they don't have one yet, start one! We like to keep the subject on Simple Plan here.

2.) No Advertising.
Advertising is one of the most annoying things to do in a community. Sometimes this rule can have an exception. As in, if the thing you are advertising has to do with Simple Plan. But for the most part, please don't do it here. It's aggravating and no one likes seeing it on their friends page. There are plenty of advertising communities. Take it there.

3.) No one liners.
Nobody likes one liners either. They are probably the most obnoxious thing to post in a community. Other than some other things that I'll address later on. This is what really clutters up friends' pages and gets everyone mad. So unless you have something interesting and/or informative to say... if it's a one liner -- don't bother posting it.

4.) We don't care how hot so and so is.
If you're posting only to say how 'hot' such and such a member of the band is... don't even bother. Most people get annoyed by this. It isn't interesting. It isn't informative. It's lame. Save that for your own journal. The community members really don't care who you find to be the most attractive in the band or who you think they're dating.

5.)Try not to make an introduction post...
Most introduction posts have nothing really to do with the band or anything else of that matter. If you just joined the community, that's wonderful. We congratulate you. But unless your introduction post is unique and has some sort of question pertaining to the band or a story or something of that nature... try not to make the post. It's a waste of your, and our, time.

Post Rejection:
If your post is rejected, we will let you know why. We won't be mean about it. We'll just simply tell you why it was rejected... what you could do to fix it so it could be posted... or anything else of that nature. We don't bite. I promise. If you have a question, feel free to email me at stephanie@tragicendings.net.

The creater of this community is omgstephanie. Yes, that would be me. I have seen Simple Plan about 11 times now. I started liking them back in January/February of 2002.

*basic overall layout of the rules & info based off of viva_chill's rules for the brand_new community*

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