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Help Support The Simple Plan Foundation!

Hey guys, I'm selling wristbands to raise money for the Simple Plan  Foundation!
I've sold over 100 bracelets so far and would love to take it nationwide!
If you're interested, either message me or visit this website:

EDIT: Will make 6-8 icons of your choice if you purchase a bracelet!

This Foundation means a lot to me and I would love if you guys could help support!
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Hi ppl !

Heey !

Whats up ??
Im new so i wanted to introduce myself ..
Im a girl from Chile ... Simple Plan is my favorite band ever! 
I've loved them since 2005 ... And I would love to go to one of their concerts and meet them .. thats my dream ..

btw, i think Sebs EP is awesome so far!
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So first post!

HEY! Im Steph, from Calgary Canada.
I love SP. My favorite band! 

I guess Ill start off with when SP came to Calgary Sept '08 that I met the band from winning a random meet and greet draw and kissed pierre..... XP
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Ohno: Heart
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Simple Plan PIMP Post


Hey you guys, as I GIGANTO fan of Simple Plan-
I made a PIMP Post about them.

What?: A Pimp Post is a long post with pictures, videos, and more about a certain person/band/etc. It's a lure fans use to help the person they love get more popular.
Why?: I want Simple Plan to be known- as a band that's amazing. I mean, they don't lack anything. They have humour, compassion, love, and of course- talent. (Not to mention looks)
Who?: SIMPLE PLAN. From a fan(me), to the fans.


No Pads No Helmets, Just BALLS

Working on:
-adding more videos
-addng songs
-adding Sebastien, Chuck, and Jeff pictures

(All pictures are uploaded to my own sources, so I didn't direct link anyone.)
x: If this pimp post isn't allowed, you can go ahead and delete this.
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