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[07 May 2006|06:14pm]

Check out an interview with Paul Koehler right here:

when broken is easily fixed

[24 Apr 2006|05:00pm]

hi hii everyone!
I've been on LJ for awhile...but I still suck at it...ALOT =P
My names josh and I heart Silverstein ALOT
Feel free to drop a line now and then
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o.o [10 Apr 2006|11:58am]

I just saw silverstein live last night at taste of chaos.
I got all of their autographs, and I hugged shane.
My best friend proposed to him and he said yes. And kept the little jelly ring.
They are quite amazing live.
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Last Chance for Warped Tour Presale in the Following Cities!! [04 Apr 2006|11:31am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Just a reminder
This Friday (04/07) is the last day for presale in the following cities:

Jacksonville, FL
Tampa, FL
Miami, FL
Orlando, FL
Pomona, CA
Fresno, CA
Ventura, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Vancouver, BC
Calgary, ALB
Fitchburg, MA

Presale for the following cities ends this THURSDAY (04/06)!:
San Diego, CA
Seattle, WA

Don't miss your chance to see Silverstein and tons of other amazing bands for a discounted price, only $20.24!!

Click the link to go the the Warped tour presale page, when prompted, login with the password: Warped06

(X-posted in other music communities)

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Warped Tour anyone? Get presale tickets! [28 Mar 2006|10:23pm]
Hey! -- I just thought you might want to know that Warped Tour is
offering discounted tickets for $20.24 to any show on the 2006 Warped
Tour via the online presale! It's cool because you don't have to pay
such huge, obnoxious service fees. Just head over to the presale at:
http://www.musictoday.com/redirect/bounce.asp?cid=1049 and login with
this password: warped06. The lineup is insane: NOFX, Thursday,
Motion City Soundtrack, The Academy Is…, Against Me!, AFI, Anti-Flag,
Saves The Day, and a ton more. You also have the option through the
presale to purchase a 2 CD, 50 track Vans Warped Tour 2006 Compilation
Album at the reduced price of $3.50, and a discounted subscription to
Alternative Press Magazine for $10 that will include a special Meet
And Greet Cut Pass that will let you cut to the front of the line to
meet the bands at the AP Warped Tour Tent! Prices will increase once
the presale ends, so you don't want to miss out on saving a TON of
cash and getting awesome extras. The presale ends the day before the
public onsales, so get on it!
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[02 Feb 2006|11:22pm]

So...how about american idol? heh
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[02 Feb 2006|01:32am]

heya =).
I'm Billie, I came across this community at random, actually haha.
I found Silverstein through Hawthorne Heights awhile ago, and so I'm glad to be in the community =). so yeah, I thought I'd just drop in and say hey.
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[25 Jan 2006|11:23am]

Does anyone know who directed Matchbook Romance's new video 'Monsters'? I can't stop watching it!!!!
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Please Help Us Win A Chance To Play With Silverstein [23 Dec 2005|09:07am]

Click Here To Vote For Otenki

Hey there everyone! We were selected as one of the finalist for the Taste Of Chaos tour. We need your help to win a chance to play the Houston date.

Please vote for us. Here are instruction(s) to do so: (please turn off any pop up blockers your internet browser may have)

01) Just click here. A new window will pop up. Click on our name and then select VOTE.

That's it!!! It's so simple and will take only a few seconds of your time. We need all our family, friends and fans to help us win this contest. Voting Ends 1-06-06

Thank you so much we love you all. Seriously.

Enoma Otenki

Click Here To Vote For OTENKI
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Im new! [16 Dec 2005|11:28pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey! Im Heather!
I just recently became a fan of silverstein after i saw their "Smile in your sleep" video. After that i was in love with the band, and shane told, lol!
I was surprised that there aren't many communites for the band.
this one toatlly ROCKS!!!!
so thanks!

oh yeah, if anyone else likes Shane, i just made a community for him.
it's just called shanetold.
Join if you want too!

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[24 Nov 2005|02:01am]

Anyone going to the show in Cleveland on Tuesday? ♥
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[23 Nov 2005|10:44am]

Is there any chance someone can make color bars
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[18 Nov 2005|09:09pm]

Alright kiddies, I'm finally unlazy enough to post pics from the Houston show
I'm cutting through, you're bleeding outCollapse )
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Pittsburgh show this TUESDAY 11/22! HELP! [16 Nov 2005|08:02pm]

[ mood | worried ]

Okay, so my dumb ass was supposed to have a ticket to the show but then I ended up not getting one and then I waited too long to buy one (which is not like me, I'm usually the first person in Pittsburgh to buy my ticket...) and yeah, the show is sold out now. I'm upset that I might miss the show but I'm more upset about the fact that I was supposed to do my Pre Professional Experience that night for my SAE Business class(it's my final) and that might not happen if I do not have a ticket to the show. If all my other plans for my PPE hadn't fallen through and this wasn't my last option I wouldn't really be so worried about the show(ok, so I would still be upset because I love Silverstein and Hawthorne Heights more than words could describe but I'm more worried about passing my class and getting the credits I paid for!! >_<) but this is my last option and I have to have my project done by the 28th.
So, if any of you have an extra ticket to the show or know someone who does, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! It is very important that I make it out to this show!
Thank you for your time!
♥ Andrea

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[13 Nov 2005|06:47pm]

High_Voltage_UpdatedCollapse )
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[23 Sep 2005|06:39am]

What's up, guys?

I cam across something interesting today as I was searching guitar tabs for Hear Me Out.Well, I found them.And oddly enough, the intro to Hear Me Out AND Discovering The Waterfront sound the same! The only slight difference is that there's an extra note in the intro of Discovering The Waterfront.Weird, huh?

I know that not many of you might not care about this but I currently have a goal.That goal is to learn as many of the Silverstein songs from both When Broken Is Easily Fixed and Discovering The Waterfront. so far, I've learned Giving Up, Smashed to Pieces, Red Light Pledge, Discovering The Waterfront, Friends In Fall River, Bleeds No More, Your Sword Versus My Dagger, and the following intros: Always and Never, Already Dead, and Three Hours Back.I'm currently working on Hear Me Out.pretty neat for a goal, huh?
Oh yeah, and I'd also like to say that both Silverstein dvds never gets old.
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[16 Sep 2005|05:26pm]

So, it's official, I guess. Smile In Your Sleep ( the video) has made it to IMF, International Music Feed, on a show called World's Best Videos where they represented Candaa.ALSO, They have officially made it onto FUSE's tv show, Dedicate Live. (I saw it myself).Oh yeah, and I saw the first 'dedication' in the video (where it showed things like 'To:' and 'From:', and the person spelled Silverstein wrong. She spelled it like " Sliversten ".Then on her dedication message, she STILL managed to spell it wrong, although it was only half-right.It was like " Sliverstein "
Eh.I found it funny.So you know what that means? Keep up the votes, people! go to the official Silverstein website or just go to fuse.tv to vote!
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Have you guys seen this contest at peta2.com? [16 Sep 2005|04:47pm]
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[03 Sep 2005|02:24am]

hmm..any icon makers in here? well, I've been sort of having these random ideas lately on how icons could tie lyrics and a pic or a drawing together.Like for example, for the song Smile In Your Sleep, an icon would have an emoticon (or just a regular smiley face) smiling, and have " ZzZzZ " above it or something.Another example would be from the verse from Discovering The Waterfront where an icon would have a pic of a gun hanging from a rack and some 'blood' dripping down from the rack or something which would refer to " I've hung up my guns, I won't kill again ". eh? seem like a good idea?
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x-posted [03 Sep 2005|02:19pm]

Hmm, I'm not sure if anyone has asked this before, but does anyone have the acoustic version of Smile In Your Sleep that you can send me ? (:
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