July 6th, 2006

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Okay, i just came across this thing...and im not sure i like it.
The reason for this kind of runs along the lines of the well known quote
"save the scene - stop going to shows"
well i havent been to a show in about a year, becasue they started sucking shit when it was more than 30 people and full of 14/15/16 year old ditzes running around in pearls and short polka-dot skirts.
well, anyway here's my point, if anyone's been with silverstein since the beginning. please do tell so i can talk to them. silverstein was my favourite band for 2 years until all that happened. anyway. so if anybody remembers the july 26 silverstein show at moe's tavern of 2004. do tell. or the original merch (black hoodies with skull)
ive been to see them more than 10 times (because they were poorer back in the day and didnt travel as much) and the first time i saw them was at the music center with rosesdead in 2003. it was packed that night, but that was ok because everyone was still cool. it was the kind of thing that drew kids from surrounding cities.
so, if anyones been there since the beginning, when there were 30 people in the entire venue, or there was no stage so you could talk to them, and touch them, and have a coffee while watching them set up thier own set, tell me.
taste of chaos, warped, or any semi major tour doesnt count, venue biggger than 100 doesnt count.
shane sucked at warped toronto anyway last year. he was so trashed he couldnt sing. that and thier mikes need replacing.
and im not just saying this either, when i cared about the scene, i knew billy's email, and hung out with his best friend.
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