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Punk Goes Acoustic 2 In Stores Now!! [11 May 2007|12:20pm]

Punk Goes Acoustic 2 is now in stores everywhere!! Head down to your local FYE, Best Buy, Target, Hot Topic, or login to iTunes to pick up the most anticipated comp of 2007!!

Don't miss out.

Go order now at MerchNow and get the most anticipated Punk Goes comp to date!
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bamboozle [04 May 2007|01:10pm]

on the riot squad stage under:
6:20 - 6:50 XCANUCKX

exactly what i expected those people who thought it was billy talent were on crack
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Punk Goes Acoustic 2 Extras!! [25 Apr 2007|12:10pm]

Be the first to get your hands on the Silverstein track and get a free CD!!!
When you pre-order PGA2 from Merchnow you have your choice of getting a free additional CD from the Punk Goes series.

Your choices are:

Punk Goes Acoustic
Punk Goes Metal
Punk Goes 80's
Punk Goes 90's
Punk Goes POP

Keep yourself entertained by taking part in the Punk Goes Acoustic 2 game and sign up for the Buzznet contest where you have a chance to win a signed acoustic guitar by the artists on Punk Goes Acoustic 2. Check it all out below!!

click the link below for details
Punk Goes Acoustic 2
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selling mad shit(shirts, hoodies, records, cds, dvds) [03 Mar 2007|08:25pm]

i'm selling a bunch of band merch and other things cuz i need money.
i'm always adding more stuff to it, so check out my myspace blog.

theres a silverstein shirt and discovering the waterfront cd&dvd autographed for sale.

my blog

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[17 Feb 2007|09:55pm]


228 lyric icons-

1 - 17: 30 Seconds to Mars
18 - 38: Fall Out Boy
39 - 55: Greeley Estates
56 - 85: Hedley
86 - 118: Panic! at the Disco
119 - 170: Silverstein
171 - 182: So They Say
183 - 209: Marianas Trench
210 - 228: Random things

 6ad05fbb.jpg 28c55794.jpg

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[18 Nov 2006|03:48am]

I was wondering how much one would be willing to pay for a signed Silverstein poster and a signed It Dies Today poster. I got them signed today at the meet and greet for Aiden, but I don't like either Silverstein or It Dies Today half as much as I like Aiden, so I'm curious how much I could get for one or both. I just got them signed because I didn't want to feel bad for walking passed them to get to Aiden.
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Hi & icons [11 Oct 2006|04:31pm]

Hey I'm new here. I'm Tanya, I'm 16 years and I'm from the Netherlands. I've only known Silverstein since the beginning of this year, but I love them. I met Shane in January and he's so awesome.

Also, I made a few icons I want to share. I don't usually do these, they're my first, so I hope you like them. Credit if you take them.

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Rad <3 songs. [15 Sep 2006|09:31pm]

Hello all. I was wondering if I could get some help. I'm trying to make a mix cd with songs. Obviously. They don't necessarily have to be "love" songs, but like "together" songs, if you catch my drift. Anywho...this is all I have so far.

*In this diary, the ataris.

help pwease!!!
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[12 Sep 2006|08:28pm]

Hi, my name's Brandon and I just joined. I'm 19 and I live in Southern California. I'm Christian and also straight-edge. I've been listening to Silverstein since When Broken Is Easily Fixed came out. I love Shane Told's lyrics and think they're great. I have both their cds and can't wait for a new one. If anyone would like to contact me, just leave me a comment or IM me on AIM: xxx vertebraille

- Thanks.
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[01 Aug 2006|09:26pm]

[ mood | dorky ]

{Hi! I'm Erin!}

YAY! a silverstein community! so, silverstein totally rocks my socks off. my name is Erin, and I'm real cool. I pretty much rock. I dunno what else to say, so leave a comment or visit my journal if you wanna know anything else.

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[24 Jul 2006|07:29pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

hi hii everyone!
no one posts much in here.
kinda lame - but i love you all anywayz!
i have a new love for paul.
i dunno, i think he's pretty.
well, nothing much to say here.
and just to say - i love snakes on a plane.
catchy song--

well... have fun

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[16 Jul 2006|10:07am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, the new interview with Silverstein went better than expected. As per usual, let us know what you think.

Again, as per usual, x-posted like a mother.

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snakes On A Plane [06 Jul 2006|09:57pm]
what's everyone's thoughts on Snakes on a Plane? the hype is insane, but this is probably the best teaser ever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihAoSwQqo44
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[29 Jun 2006|05:37pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

i thought i'd update. i've been listeing to silverstein so much lately it's not even funny! but they make me smile :). i've been wanting to post a pic of them in my bio, but i dunno where to find any. helpful comments, please?

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[28 Jun 2006|11:56pm]

Saw Silverstein at warped tour on the 23rd.
Posted the pictures on my website.
Just click on the entry image and the most recent update lists all the photosets in alphabetical order by band.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think, or on the site.

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[24 Jun 2006|11:25am]

[9]-Becky Lou Filip
[9]-Paul Koehler[Silverstein]


Click Click Click

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hai [17 Jun 2006|01:39am]

my name's ashley i've been a fan of silverstein for more than two years now, I'm starting to use my LJ again i abandoned it for awhile (hence why i didn't join this community sooner)
i'm a vegetarian, i collect vinyl and i love going to shows.. it's probably my favorite place to in the world.
i want to work for a record company, (victory is my favorite)

my top 10 bands are:
3.armor for sleep
4.one dead three wounded
6.the academy is
7.brand new
8.taking back sunday
10. some-band-that's-my-guilty-pleasure-and-you're-gonna-have-
to-get-to-know-me-better-for-me-to-tell you

AIM: stillrefused

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[08 Jun 2006|01:18am]

[ mood | tired ]

Hello there. I'm Katie, and I'm pretty much in love with the band Silverstein.
This is the part where everyone says, "Hi Katie!" lol j/k
I don't really know what else to say. Just ask. :)

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[06 Jul 2006|11:36am]
[ mood | predatory ]

Okay, i just came across this thing...and im not sure i like it.
The reason for this kind of runs along the lines of the well known quote
"save the scene - stop going to shows"
well i havent been to a show in about a year, becasue they started sucking shit when it was more than 30 people and full of 14/15/16 year old ditzes running around in pearls and short polka-dot skirts.
well, anyway here's my point, if anyone's been with silverstein since the beginning. please do tell so i can talk to them. silverstein was my favourite band for 2 years until all that happened. anyway. so if anybody remembers the july 26 silverstein show at moe's tavern of 2004. do tell. or the original merch (black hoodies with skull)
ive been to see them more than 10 times (because they were poorer back in the day and didnt travel as much) and the first time i saw them was at the music center with rosesdead in 2003. it was packed that night, but that was ok because everyone was still cool. it was the kind of thing that drew kids from surrounding cities.
so, if anyones been there since the beginning, when there were 30 people in the entire venue, or there was no stage so you could talk to them, and touch them, and have a coffee while watching them set up thier own set, tell me.
taste of chaos, warped, or any semi major tour doesnt count, venue biggger than 100 doesnt count.
shane sucked at warped toronto anyway last year. he was so trashed he couldnt sing. that and thier mikes need replacing.
and im not just saying this either, when i cared about the scene, i knew billy's email, and hung out with his best friend.

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hey buddies [02 Jun 2006|11:23pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

hey. i'm lauren. i discovered silverstein when watching fuse, instantly fell in love(lol). and my friend(former friend right now) let me copy their CD, so... yeah. this feels awkward...

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