Punk Goes Acoustic 2 Extras!!

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Punk Goes Acoustic 2
Smash apart

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228 lyric icons-

1 - 17: 30 Seconds to Mars
18 - 38: Fall Out Boy
39 - 55: Greeley Estates
56 - 85: Hedley
86 - 118: Panic! at the Disco
119 - 170: Silverstein
171 - 182: So They Say
183 - 209: Marianas Trench
210 - 228: Random things

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I was wondering how much one would be willing to pay for a signed Silverstein poster and a signed It Dies Today poster. I got them signed today at the meet and greet for Aiden, but I don't like either Silverstein or It Dies Today half as much as I like Aiden, so I'm curious how much I could get for one or both. I just got them signed because I didn't want to feel bad for walking passed them to get to Aiden.
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Hi & icons

Hey I'm new here. I'm Tanya, I'm 16 years and I'm from the Netherlands. I've only known Silverstein since the beginning of this year, but I love them. I met Shane in January and he's so awesome.

Also, I made a few icons I want to share. I don't usually do these, they're my first, so I hope you like them. Credit if you take them.

Rad <3 songs.

Hello all. I was wondering if I could get some help. I'm trying to make a mix cd with songs. Obviously. They don't necessarily have to be "love" songs, but like "together" songs, if you catch my drift. Anywho...this is all I have so far.

*In this diary, the ataris.

help pwease!!!

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Hi, my name's Brandon and I just joined. I'm 19 and I live in Southern California. I'm Christian and also straight-edge. I've been listening to Silverstein since When Broken Is Easily Fixed came out. I love Shane Told's lyrics and think they're great. I have both their cds and can't wait for a new one. If anyone would like to contact me, just leave me a comment or IM me on AIM: xxx vertebraille

- Thanks.
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{Hi! I'm Erin!}

YAY! a silverstein community! so, silverstein totally rocks my socks off. my name is Erin, and I'm real cool. I pretty much rock. I dunno what else to say, so leave a comment or visit my journal if you wanna know anything else.
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